Electric Magazine May/June 2018

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 35 Industry News Electric vehicles in new Letterkenny pilot project ർ Initiative could save €60,000 and reduce carbon emmissions T ƒš‹ †”‹˜‡”• ‹ ‡––‡”‡› ƒ”‡ –ƒ‹‰ ’ƒ”– ‹ ƒ ‡™ ’‹Ž‘– ’”‘Œ‡…– Ž‡† „› –Š‡ ƒ† –Š‡ —•–ƒ‹ƒ„Ž‡ ‡”‰› —–Š‘”‹–› ‘ˆ ”‡Žƒ† ȋ Ȍ ‹˜‘Ž˜‹‰ –Š‡ —•‡ ‘ˆ Š›„”‹† ƒ† ‡Ž‡…–”‹…˜‡Š‹…Ž‡• –‘ –”ƒ•’‘”– ”‡ƒŽ †‹ƒŽ›•‹• ’ƒ–‹‡–•Ǥ Currently, renal dialysis patients from Letterkenny University Hospital are transported on a daily basis to attend their essential appointments by local taxi hackney services managed by Local Link. These petrol and diesel taxis travel 1.3 million kilometres every year in providing this service. It is estimated that savings of €60,000 a year in fuel costs alone could be achieved if these taxis were electric. Toyota and Nissan have generously supplied seven vehicles for the trial. The vehicles include two Toyota Prius Hybrids, three Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids and two Nissan Leafs, which are fully electric. SEAI, which is tasked with administering Government funded grants, is funding the installation of electric home chargers for the taxi drivers taking part in the pilot. "This is the type of pilot project that has the potential to be expanded across the country. Reducing the carbon footprint of transport is one of Ireland’s most pressing challenges. The Government has introduced a series of measures, including grants to purchase an electric vehicle and install home charger points to encourage businesses and car owners to move to electric. This electric pilot project is an example of an initiative that will reduce carbon emissions while also saving ’—„Ž‹…‘‡›Ǥ ‡”‰› ‡ƥ…‹‡…› ‹ the public sector is hugely important in terms of overall climate action and public sector reform. The public sector spends €1,000 per minute on energy every year. This is the public’s money, so we must be accountable and demonstrate leadership with action" said Denis Naughten, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment. Sean Murphy, the General Manager of Letterkenny University Hospital, commented " The Renal Dialysis Transport service is a critical element of the renal service at Letterkenny University Hospital and brings patients from all over the county to the hospital for their dialysis. We are delighted to have the support of all of the partners involved in this project which will make this transport service much more environmentally friendly and it is my hope that we can build on it." "The SEAI are delighted to be part of this collaborative project that will result in increased comfort for patients, cost savings for the tax payer and a healthier environment for all. The move to electric vehicles is an essential part of our transition to a clean energy future. We hope that from this pilot we will learn ƒ„‘—– –Š‡ ’”ƒ…–‹…ƒŽ „‡‡Ƥ–• ‘ˆ electric vehicles and encourage other health services and organisations to make the switch to electric. We also hope to show that the move to electric vehicles does not have to be concentrated on large urban centres" said Jim Gannon, CEO of SEAI. The taxi drivers have been recording their fuel consumption, fuel costs and mileage throughout December and January. This will allow SEAI to compare the cost and savings, including fuel and maintenance, from using these electric vehicles compared to their diesel and petrol cars.