Electric Magazine May/June 2018

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 43 B.E.G. launch Industry-first KNX presence detector with built-in sound and temperature monitoring Ǥ Ǥ Ǥ Šƒ• ”‡Ž‡ƒ•‡† ƒ ‡™ ”ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ƒ†˜ƒ…‡† ‡‡”ƒ–‹‘ ͢ ”‡•‡…‡ ‡–‡…–‘”• –‘ –Š‡ ”‹•Š ƒ”‡–ǡ ™Š‹…Š ‹…Ž—†‡ ƒ ‡Ž—š‡ ˜‡”•‹‘ –Šƒ–ǡ ˆ‘” –Š‡ Ƥ”•– –‹‡ǡ Šƒ• „—‹Ž–Ǧ‹ Ž‘‰‹… ƒ• ™‡ŽŽ ƒ• •‘—† ƒ† –‡’‡”ƒ–—”‡ ‘‹–‘”‹‰Ǥ Building on its popular and well- proven range of presence and motion detectors, the German manufacturer has launched updated versions of the majority ‘ˆ ‹–• Ͳǡ ʹǡ ͥ ƒ† ͝͝ products in Basic, Standard and Deluxe variations depending on the application. Š‡ ‡Ž—š‡ ˜‡”•‹‘ ™‹ŽŽ ‘ơ‡” a premium solution for KNX integrators facing more demanding applications with extra functions, which can include a logic module, sound sensor and temperature •‡•‘”Ǥ Š‡ Ͳ ƒ† ʹ ˜‡”•‹‘• include all three features – an ‹†—•–”›ǦƤ”•– ˆ‘” –Š‡ ƒ”‡–Ǥ The logic module is independent of the detector operation and has proved to be most useful to integrators. The integrated sound sensor can be used in areas where there are restrictions to the normal presence detection such as a toilet cubical. ˆ…‘Ƥ‰—”‡†ǡ –Š‡ •‘—† •‡•‘” will activate, but only after motion is detected. Run-on times ƒ”‡…‘Ƥ‰—”ƒ„Ž‡Ǥ Š‡ „—‹Ž–Ǧ‹ temperature sensor will send temperature reading to the KNX bus to be used by HVAC actuators. This means separate temperature •‡•‘” †‘ ‘– Šƒ˜‡ –‘ „‡ Ƥ––‡† –‘ –Š‡ wall, saving installation time and expense. Ǥ Ǥ Ǥ ‘ơ‡” •‘‡ ƒ•‹…˜‡”•‹‘• ‹ addition to the Standard versions ‘ˆ –Š‡ Ͳǡ ʹǡ ͥ ƒ† ͱͱ •‡•‘”•Ǥ Š‡ ƒ•‹…’”‘†—…– ‘ơ‡”• ƒ Ž‘™‡”…‘•– •‹’Ž‹Ƥ‡† †‡˜‹…‡ ˆ‘” basic functional requirements. Š‡ –ƒ†ƒ”† ’”‘†—…– ™‹ŽŽ ‘ơ‡” ƒ upgraded Generation 6 software version of the previous product ‘ơ‡”‹‰Ǥ The new KNX Generation 6 Presence Detectors mean B.E.G. ‘™ ‘ơ‡”• ƪ—•Š Ƥ––‹‰ ƒ† •—”ˆƒ…‡ mount options on nearly all of its †‡˜‹…‡•ǡ ™‹–Š †‹ơ‡”‡– Ž‡˜‡Ž• ‘ˆ functionality, giving the widest choice of detectors on the market. All B.E.G. KNX Generation 6 †‡–‡…–‘”•…ƒ „‡…‘Ƥ‰—”‡† –‘ „‡ fully automatic or semi-automatic, which is sometimes referred to as absence detection, via the ETS software or optional remote controls. The sensors include lens shields to obscure parts of the detectable area, which is useful when detection is not required in certain sections of the space. The Ͳ is a ceiling-mounted presence detector and widely used for commercial projects such ƒ• ‘’‡Ǧ’Žƒ ‘ƥ…‡ ƒ”‡ƒ•ǡ ™‹–Š ƒ maximum detection range of 10m. ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡ ‹ „‘–Š ƪ—•Š ƒ† •—”ˆƒ…‡ mounting versions. The ʹ has a much larger †‡–‡…–‹‘ ”ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ —’ –‘ Ͳʹ ƒ…”‘••Ǥ There is a corridor version of this ’”‘†—…– ™Š‹…Š…ƒ…‘˜‡” —’ –‘ ʹͰǡ greatly reducing the number of •‡•‘”• ”‡“—‹”‡†Ǥ Ǥ Ǥ Ǥ ƒŽ•‘ ‘ơ‡” ƒ ʹ •‡•‘” ˆ‘” ‰”‡ƒ–‡” Š‡‹‰Š–• ȋ—’ –‘ ͱʹ ‹ Š‡‹‰Š–Ȍ ˆ‘” •’‘”–• ŠƒŽŽ• ‘” warehouse applications. The ͹ has the smallest detector head in the B.E.G. range, but still …‘˜‡”• ƒ ƒš‹— ”ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ͱͰ making this a powerful device, with optional cover rings both in size and colour. There is also a greater height version which can reach 10m. The popular ͱͱ is a completely ƪƒ–ǡ ƪ—•Š Ƥ––‹‰ ‘……—’ƒ…› •‡•‘” with a thickness of less than 1mm, which is hardly visible once it has „‡‡ Ƥ––‡† ‹–‘ –Š‡…‡‹Ž‹‰ǡ „—– •–‹ŽŽ detects motion and light within an area of up to 9m. PD11 KNX is now ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡ ‹ ƒ ͡ʹ ˜‡”•‹‘ǡ ™Š‹…Š makes it suitable for areas like bathrooms and changing rooms. As well as standard white, there is an optional black cover ring. B.E.G. Sales Director for Ireland, Paul Jones, said “B.E.G. is leading the way with the widest choice of presence detectors to suit most types of requirements in Ireland. Our new KNX Generation 6 range ‘ơ‡”• ‘”‡…Š‘‹…‡ ‹ ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ height, detection area, installation and functionality than ever before. ‡ ‡˜‡ ‘ơ‡” †‹ơ‡”‡–…‘Ž‘—”•Ǥ̾ B.E.G. continues to be at the forefront of lighting control design and the B.E.G. KNX Generation 6 Deluxe version is another excellent ‡šƒ’Ž‡ ‘ˆ –Š‹•Ǥ ‘” –Š‡ Ƥ”•– –‹‡ǡ there are products available on the market for KNX integrators to use, which can substantially reduce costs by sensing occupancy by presence and sound and then combining this with temperature monitoring and logic function. B.E.G. PD2 DELUXE PD4 KNX DELUXE