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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 3 CEF Golf Outing - Page 60 15 AP Haslam celebrates 60 years working with WISKA - Page 39 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition - Page 27 23 5 Editorial. 7 ''Unveiling the Future'' - Prysmian Group's Rebranding Strategy Welcomed By Precision Cables. 9 Garo - Introducing it's revolutionary XL Wide Range Consumer Units. 13 Celebrating Excellence in Electrical Wholesale: AEW Awards 2024. 15 Rointe PRO Reward Scheme. 17 Get ready to win big with the Schneider Electric 'Score to Win' competition. 19 Phoenix Contact: Power Supply with Integrated Device Protection. 19 Phoenix Contact: Space-saving wiring with miniature terminal blocks. 21 LEDVANCE Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award. 23 CEF TechTalks 2024: Empowering Electrical Professionals. 25 Schneider Electric named the world’s most sustainable company by Time magazine and Statista. 26 Electrifying Success at AECI Trade Show 2024. 27 ATEX - The right solution for your unique project. 27 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition. 29 Glamox - Human-Centric Lighting: A Crucial Element for Retrofit Projects. 30 Mitsubishi Electric - Embrace the future: Advance your Digital Transformation. 33 Ei Electronics Named as Title Sponsor for IEBA Dash of the Derg Charity Cycle. 34 Precision Cables - Annual Basketball Event Honours Late Colleague and Supports IWA. 39 AP Haslam Celebrates 60 Years with WISKA. 43 E-Heat Case Study – Verville Clontarf. 44 Alessandro Volta: The Genius Behind the Modern Battery. 46 Rittal Ireland: How to save money by preventing down time. 49 Dash of the Derg - 10 Week Training Plan. 51 Hager Customers Enjoy Mediterranean Cruise. 52 BEG - Spanish hotels 'go green' with 'automated' building system' 55 What is Part M of the Building Regulations? 59 New Tool Holders Enhance Efficiency and Workflow for Electricians. 60 The Annual CEF Golf Outing 2024. 63 Obituary. 64 Golf. 65 Appointments. 66 Buyers' Guide. 13 Contents 34

4 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Protecting Introducing our new load shedding board With an improved design utilising Hager control products to reduce unwanted noise, we can offer the same classic enclosure which fully complies with all the relevant standards. Our new load shedding boards will be seen and not heard… your perfect solution for electric shower control. Coming soon to your local Hager stockist. hager.ie Quietly

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 5 Editorial electric.ie Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd., Bluebell House Business Centre, Bluebell Avenue, Dublin 12 Tel: (087) 6698028 Info@electric.ie Reg. Dublin: 512293 Colin Sherlock General Manager Layout/Design colin.sherlock@electric.ie DISCLAIMER Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. accept no responsiblity for the accuracy of contributed articles or statements appearing in this publication. Electric.ie is published by Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. The magazine is circulated throughout Ireland and is available on wholesale trade counters and from representatives of electrical distributors who are members of EMDA The editor welcomes: contributions of technical papers, information on new products, details of installation projects and all editorial input of interest to our readers. Printed by W&G Baird Friday 17th, November 2023 Intercontinental Hotel, Dublin It's July already, and we are delighted to release issue 70 of ELECTRIC.IE! As we enjoy the summer, we’re also roughly 13 weeks away from the eagerly anticipated 'Dash of the Derg' cycle event taking place on September 20th. For those who are new to cycling, we’ve included a suggested 10-week training schedule to help you prepare for this exciting event. In the meantime, it’s been a bustling few months in the industry with numerous trade shows, TechTalks, charity events, and award ceremonies taking place across the country. Electric.ie had the pleasure of attending many of these, and our magazine is brimming with detailed reports and highlights. One of the standout events was the AECI Trade Show, held once again at the Spa Hotel in Lucan. The seminars were well-attended, and exhibitors were pleased with the turnout. For more details on this event, see page 26. The CEF TechTalks format proved to be a success as well. The professional speakers kept attendees engaged with topics tailored to the Irish market, such as thermal imaging, working with DC, meter tail considerations, and key changes to EN10101. Thanks to the excellent turnout at all locations, the accompanying tradeshow was bustling with activity. Turn to page 23 for our full coverage. We were also thrilled to witness the success of the AEW awards for both training and WEEE recycling. Congratulations to Noel Simpson and Tony Cullen for their special recognition awards; both have been stalwarts of the AEW for many years. More on this can be found on page 13. In other exciting news, Schneider Electric has been named the world’s most sustainable company by Time magazine and Statista. This is a remarkable achievement, and you can read more about it on page 25. Lastly, we honour the memory of Gerard Malone as Precision Cables supports the Irish Wheelchair Association with their annual basketball event on page 34. Happy reading, and happy cycling preparation! Tony Cullen receives a 'Special Recognition' award. Chris Lundy, AECI; Mark Keogh, EIFI President; Gerry Geoghegan, AECI President at the AECI Trade Show. Noel Simpson receives a 'Special Recognition' award.

6 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • POWERING IRISH INDUSTRY CABLE SOLUTIONS CABLE ACCESSORIES EXPERT KNOWLEDGE +353 42 933 1436 www.precisioncables.ie

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 7 Industry News ''Unveiling the Future'' - Prysmian Group's Rebranding Strategy Welcomed By Precision Cables Prysmian’s new 5-years strategy aims at capitalising on the company’s market position to seize the opportunities offered by the new market trends that are currently shaping the cable industry, in order to “transform the Group from a cable player into a cabling solution provider and to lead the energy transition and the digital transformation”. “The rebranding is not only a statement of intent but also a tangible commitment to expanding our presence in new markets and delivering innovative solutions to an increasingly diverse audience. Our growth is fueled by the trust that our customers, employees, and shareholders have placed in us over the years, and we are determined to reciprocate that trust with concrete and ongoing results.” - Prysmian Group. The Brand Architecture - Reflecting Values and Vision. Central to Prysmian Group's rebranding strategy is the articulation of its core values and vision for the future. Through refreshed brand elements, including a new logo, typography, and color palette, the company seeks to convey its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. The redesigned visual identity embodies Prysmian Group's forward-looking spirit, In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate identity, rebranding serves as a pivotal moment for companies to redefine their essence, values, and vision. Such is the case with the Prysmian Group, a global leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, which recently unveiled its ambitious rebranding strategy. Precision Cables symbolizing its role as a trusted partner in building a sustainable and connected world. For Precision Cables, exclusive distributors of the Prysmian range in Ireland, this announcement has come as a welcome evolution. Cathal Grace, Sales Director with Precision, was keen to emphasise the importance of this vision. “This is a very welcome and important direction from Prysmian as they are leading the way with a sustainability focused strategy to support the global energy transition. It allows us, as a company, to marry our own ambitions and strategies with our partner to affect a better future for our planet. Prysmian’s continual innovation in both product performance and production will help with the challenges of this energy transition. In a real world sense we already look forward to seeing the new eco-friendly packaging make its way to us in Q3 of 2024 and the new products down the line that will shape this global change.” Charting the Course Forward. As Prysmian Group unveils its rebranding strategy, it signals not only a new chapter in its corporate journey but also a bold declaration of intent. By embracing evolution, consolidating its identity, re ecting its values and vision, engaging stakeholders, and leveraging digital transformation, the company charts a course toward a future of growth, resilience, and impact. In the dynamic landscape of the energy and telecom industries, Prysmian Group's rebranding sets the stage for continued success and relevance. As the world evolves, so too does Prysmian Group, poised to lead the charge in powering progress and connectivity for generations to come. For more information on Prysmian’s range of cable solutions contact Precision Cables on 042 933 1436 or info@precisioncables.ie

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 9 POWERING THE FUTURE INTRODUCING GARO’S REVOLUTIONARY XL WIDE RANGE CONSUMER UNITS INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED FOR INSTALLATION EASE The XL series units have been meticulously designed with the professional installer in mind. Offering ample wiring space and modular expandability, these units allow for neat, safe installation and easy future upgrades as needs grow. The intelligent layout enhances accessibility, creating a more efficient working environment. Featuring enhanced neutral and ground capacity alongside multiple terminal sizes, the XL units are incredibly versatile solutions. They seamlessly integrate diverse components, simplifying complex wiring systems. This versatility translates to time and cost savings on the job site. Crafted from premium materials following rigorous specifications, the XL series provides a robust, reliable solution built to withstand the test of time for both installers and end-users. The simplified installation process helps professionals complete projects efficiently without compromising quality and long-term performance. CUSTOMISED POWER DISTRIBUTION Available nationwide across Ireland, the XL series enables customers to experience the unique benefits of GARO’s superior design and functionality. Each unit can be customised with specific terminal sizes, component configurations, and wiring layouts to meet the exact requirements of any residential or commercial project. With this tailored approach, the XL series offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. As technologies evolve and electrical needs change, these future-proof units can be easily reconfigured, avoiding the need for costly replacements. LOCALISED SERVICE AND SUPPORT To complement the innovative XL product line, GARO provides dedicated local sales and support teams throughout Ireland. These experienced representatives offer personalised guidance, ensuring each customer selects the ideal customised XL solution for their project’s unique power distribution needs. With professional assistance readily available, you can proceed with confidence, knowing your installation will be completed accurately and efficiently. GARO’s nationwide presence demonstrates its commitment to superior service. Whether outfitting a smart home automation system, an expansive commercial building, or scaling infrastructure for future growth, the GARO XL series is engineered to power the connected future. Experience the cutting-edge design, unmatched versatility, and personalised service that make these consumer units the smart choice for modern power distribution. In today’s increasingly connected world, the demands on electrical systems are rapidly evolving. Smart homes and intelligent buildings require robust consumer units that can accommodate growing electrical loads while offering straightforward installation and flexible expandability. GARO’s new XL wide range consumer units are engineered to meet these modern challenges head-on. garo.ie

10 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • HEPA Filter 0203 564 9164 – sales@atc.ie – atcelec.co.uk ATC Tiger ECO High Speed Hand Dryer Ultra Modern Design Ecosun Low Temp Ceiling Heaters ATC Pacific Unvented Water Heaters For Wash Stations ATC Dahlia Hand Santiser Station Wash—Dry—Sanitise • Automatic No Touch Operation • Hygienic • 36,000 Operation Battery Life • Battery Powered: 6 x AA batteries • Wall mounted in Minutes • Free Standing Station • No Power Required • Sturdy yet Portable • Adjustable Heights • For use with Dahlia Hand Sanitiser Dispenser • Hygienic No Touch Operation • Dries hands in 15 Seconds • Low Energy (550/1200W) • Super Silent—70dB @ 1m • Optional HEPA Filter – removes 99.97% of bacteria particles • Two panel sizes 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm • Energy efficient low energy costs • Draught and Noise free • Ceiling mounting allows flexible use of floor and wall space • Designed for quick and easy installation to suspended ceilings • 3 Sizes: 5, 10, 14 Litres • ERP Rated B • New Safety Valve • Glass lined tank • External adjustable • Thermostat control • Quick recovery element • Wall & Floor Mounted ATC Dahlia Hand Santiser Dispenser Wash—Dry—Sanitise Wash – Dry – Sanitise Restaurants Schools Sports Facilities Universities Stadia Hotels Experience Unique • Soap Dispenser • Automation Water Tap • High Speed Hand Dryer ATC Eco Tap Wash Room System 1 Ballymena sales.ballymena@cef.co.uk 02825 658 526 2 Bangor N Ireland sales.bangorni@cef.co.uk 02891 456 880 3 Belfast East sales.belfasteast@cef.co.uk 02890 732 631 4 Belfast North sales.belfastnorth@cef.co.uk 02890 371 007 1 Castlebar sales.castlebar@cefltd.ie 0949 027 196 5 Coleraine sales.coleraine@cef.co.uk 02870 352 411 2 Cork sales.cork@cefltd.ie 00353 (0) 214 321 820 6 Craigavon sales.craigavon@cef.co.uk 02838 332 789 3 Dublin City Centre sales.dublincitycentre@cefltd.ie 018 788 180 4 Dundalk sales.dundalk@cefltd.ie 0429 327 305 11 Navan sales.navan@cefltd.ie 0469 010 016 5 Finglas sales.finglas@cefltd.ie 018 239 000 6 Galway sales.galway@cefltd.ie 091 394 175 1 7 Letterkenny sales.letterkenny@cefltd.ie 0749 106 100 12 Red Cow sales.redcow@cefltd.ie 014 242 042 8 Limerick sales.limerick@cefltd.ie 0614 233 10 13 Sligo sales.sligo@cefltd.ie 0719 151 820 7 Lisburn sales.lisburn@cef.co.uk 02892 670 555 14 Tallaght sales.tallaght@cefltd.ie 015 240 808 8 Londonderry sales.londonderry@cef.co.uk 02871 266 288 15 Tralee sales.castlebar@cefltd.ie 0667 103 955 9 Mullingar sales.mullingar@cefltd.ie 0449 385 515 16 Waterford sales.castlebar@cefltd.ie 051 372 825 10 Naas sales.naas@cefltd.ie 045 898 099 Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland Hello Ireland Did yo 26 CE across

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 11 9 Newry sales.newry@cef.co.uk 02830 250 555 10 Omagh sales.omagh@cef.co.uk 02825 446 959 1 5 1 13 7 8 6 9 11 10 8 16 5 4 9 10 2 15 4 2 3 7 6 3 14 12 ou know, we have EF branches s the country!

12 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • CONSUMER UNITS Innovate, Design, Deliver Excellent Stock Availability Fast Manufacturing Time Competitively Priced Design and Support GARO Excellence Team GARO Support Engineer & Design Draw Quote & Order Manufactured & Tested Deliver 4 Step process to an easy install Installations with GARO Customised Units We also offer bespoke consumer units to suit individual project requirements. Please contact a member of our project sales team and let us create your bespoke consumer unit to meet your exact needs www.garo.ie

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 13 AI nE Wd u sAt wr yaNr desw2s0 2 4 The 2nd Association of Electrical Wholesalers (AEW) awards took place on May 8, 2024, at the Clayton Hotel in Liffey Valley, Dublin. The event celebrated outstanding achievements in staff training, WEEE recycling, and introduced the new AEW Quality Charter, underscoring the industry's commitment to excellence and sustainability. Staff Training Awards In collaboration with the Electrical Distributors' Association (EDA) in the UK, the AEW offer comprehensive training modules covering a wide range of electrical products and sales techniques. This partnership has signi cantly enhanced the skills and knowledge of electrical wholesaler staff across Ireland. The Staff Training Awards recognised the exceptional accomplishments of many students who excelled in these training programs. Congratulations to the following awardees: Congratulations to... Kaleigh O'Donnell, EWL Electric. Mark Jones, CEF. Josip Barac, Kellihers Electrical. Matthew Keane, CEF. Shamrock Nwosu, Monaghan E. Keith Davis, EWL. Adam Roche, Eurosales. Stephen Judge, Phibsboro Elect. Leah O'Reilly, Kellihers Electrical. Special awards were given to Patrycja Trudzik of EWL Electric, who completed all 12 modules with distinctions, and Ethan Kerin of CSGL and Glenn Murphy of Eurosales, both of whom completed 10 modules with distinctions. Celebrating Excellence in Electrical Wholesale: AEW Awards 2024 ‒Staff Training, WEEE Recycling, and the Launch of the New Quality Charter Honoured at the AEW Awards. Ethan Kerin, CSGL receives his SUPERSTAR award having completed 10 Modules with distinctions. Patrycja Trudzik, EWL received a special SUPERSTAR award for having completed all 12 training modules with distinctions and Paul O'Brien, Managing Director, EWL. The Award was presented by Sean Meally, Ei Electronics. Glenn Murphy, Eurosales receives his SUPERSTAR award having completed 10 Modules with distinctions. The AEW Quality Charter The event also marked the launch of the new AEW Quality Charter, which establishes stringent standards and directives for the products sold by association Next Page: WEEE Recycling Awards>>> members. This charter is a signi cant step towards ensuring high-quality products and services in the electrical wholesale industry. Each wholesaler was presented with a certi cate, symbolising their commitment to these standards.

14 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • This year two new awards were handed out for Best Performing Group, which went to IEBG, and Best Performing Branch for ‘WEEE Handling and Presentation”, as selected by Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Ireland’s recycling partner, Irish Lamps Recycling. “A big well done to all our winners whose recycling efforts are delivering a positive impact on the environment over the long term,” said Leo Donovan, CEO, WEEE Ireland, as he presented the awards. The winners are listed here. There was also two special recognition awards for individuals who have dedicated signi cant time and energy to the AEW and the electrical industry, serving as longstanding electrical wholesaler sector lighting recycling partners of WEEE Ireland. Tony Cullen of Euro Sales received the rst special recognition award for his 13year tenure as AEW Treasurer, his involvement in setting up the WEEE Recycling scheme, and his strong advocacy for the AEW Staff Training Programme. The second special recognition award was given to Noel Simpson of NJ Simpson Ltd, who has been a prominent gure in the AEW for many years, serving as both President and Chairman. AEW Awards Celebrates Fourteen Companies for Lighting Recycling A total of fourteen lighting recycling recognition awards were handed out across the six wholesale trade buying groups that form the AEW – CEF, EWL Electric , Fegime, IEBG, Kellihers and the Independents – with two awards presented per group for Best Performing Branch and Most Improved Branch. AEW Awards 2024 Leo Donovan said “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the AEW and its chair, Ken Legros, for their longstanding support of lighting recycling as well as Tony Cullen and Noel Simpson for their energy and commitment". The AEW awards not only celebrate individual and organisational achievements but also highlight the continuous efforts to enhance the electrical wholesale industry through education, quality assurance, and sustainable practices. Special Recognition Awards Noel Simpson receives a Special Recognition Award from Mark Keogh, EIFI President. Tony Cullen receives a Special Recognition Award from Mark Keogh, EIFI President. Leo Donovan presents the award for Best Performing Group to Peter Curran of IEBG Group. Best Performing Branch for WEEE Handling and Presentation goes to Adam Kiely, MCK Electrical. Ken Legros, Admin Sec of the AEW.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 15 Industry News Rointe PRO reward scheme Double bonus (6%) for July & August Other benefits to the Rointe PRO installer scheme include: • Welcome Pack – when an installer signs up they receive an of cial welcome pack with everything they need to get them started, like stickers for their vans to identify the business as a Trusted Rointe Installer and other freebies. • Website directory – the business is added to the Rointe web locator to make it easier for customers to nd installers. Plus spending more on Rointe products means they can gain Premium status in the directory. • Projects directory – installers will have preferential access to projects from the Rointe team. They’ll recommend them for heating installations and send opportunities for their business. • Annual advertising pack – every year installers receive an advertising pack with catalogues, stickers, freebies and promotional material to help explain the bene ts of the Rointe heating system. The Rointe PRO is back, bigger and better than ever and doubling our standard 3% bonus reward to 6% for all sales in July and August. Industry News • 3% back in gift cards – accumulate 3% of the net amount of all Rointe product purchases from reputable, physical wholesale branches (excluding website purchases) in gift vouchers to be spent at an outlet of the installer’s choice. There is a maximum gift card limit of €500, issued at the end of every year. The standard 3% is doubled to 6% for all sales in July & August. Plus, by spending more than €15,000 by September 2024, installers can gain Premium status with further bene ts like premium website listings and luxury freebies to say thanks. The Rointe PRO is more than just rewards, it also offers training, advice and support on electric heating and its products. The Rointe expert team is on hand to provide guidance, along with a free sizing service. It’s easy for installers to register online and upload invoices to gain bene ts. Simply log in to your account, navigate to “Rointeclub” and follow the instructions on screen. A copy of your invoice will go to the KAM. The more spent on Rointe products, the better the rewards. For more details about the Rointe Trusted Installer Club to customers, call the Rointe Sales team on 0203 321 5928 or email rointe@rointe.ie.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 17 Purchasers/installers of selected Schneider Electric medium offer products will have the chance to win some fantastic prizes with Schneider Score to Win - the new online football game from Schneider Electric. In this exciting new game, players must beat the keeper from the penalty spot as many times as they can to win points and earn themselves a place on the leaderboard. A top score could net you an Adidas e-gift card up to the value of €300! Visit your local participating wholesaler, purchase one of the qualifying Schneider Electric products, and scan the QR code on the packaging to play. Get ready to win big with the Schneider Electric 'Score to Win' competition Starting today you can enter Schneider Electric’s new and exciting competition, 'Schneider Electric Score To Win'. IndSucshtnryeiNderwEslectric How it works: 1. Purchase any qualifying product from your local participating electrical wholesaler. 2. Scan the ‘COMPETITION’ QR code on the packaging and enter your details, including the unique code found under the QR code. 3. Try and beat the keeper as many times as you can! The game stops once you’ve failed to score 3 times. 4. Scoring is accrued per goal and each one is scored between 0-100. The individual scoring is based on velocity, precision of the goal near the post or crossbar and proximity to the keeper. 5. Your score will be logged on our leaderboard, which resets every month. 6. At the end of every leaderboard window, the top 5 scorers will win some fantastic prizes! This competition ends on the 30th September 2024. #LifeisOn #ScoreToWin #electrician #electricianlife #electricalcontractor #football #competition #prizes

18 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Push-X technology Maximum efficiency, minimum wiring time Discover the innovation in electrical installation: the Push-X terminal block from Phoenix Contact. The tool-free direct-connection technology enables the effortless wiring of flexible and rigid conductors with and without ferrules. Maximum efficiency and extremely easy handling combined in a terminal block. 3011398904 For additional information, visit phoenixcontact.com/installation-terminals First type 2 Push-in surge protection Easy handling during installation The VAL-MS PT is the first type 2 surge protective device in the world with Push-in connection technology. Benefit from the advantages of this proven connection method for tool-free installation. Testing the recommended tightening torque is a thing of the past. For additional information, visit phoenixcontact.ie or call +353(0)12051300 INT01-21.000.L1

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 19 LPEhDoVeAniNxCEontact Space-saving wiring with miniature terminal blocks Despite their compact design, the double MPTD miniature terminal blocks feature a function slot, and therefore offer increased flexibility. Testing options are available for all common test probes. Each individual terminal point can be marked and allows clear and transparent wiring. Another advantage of the MPTD double miniature terminal blocks is the time-saving conductor connection, with tool-free and maintenance-free Push-in connection technology for the cross-section range from 0.14 to 4.0 mm . The terminal blocks can be mounted on the NS 15 and NS 35 DIN rails as well as with securing pins or as a ange version. The MUTTB doublelevel miniature terminal blocks also allow multi-conductor connections with the universal screw connection technology. These terminal blocks have function shafts on both levels and can therefore be used exibly. The levels can be easily Power supply with integrated device protection The third generation of Trio Power power supplies continues to set the new standard in machine building. The power supplies are compact, robust, reliable, and impress with their easy handling. The new three-phase power supplies with integrated multichannel device protection feature a space-saving design and are now also available up to a 40 A nominal output current. The power supply units also feature particularly easy handling: Push-in connection technology allows for quick and tool-free installation. The Trio Power power supply with integrated electronic circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact is now also available as a three-phase version. Phoenix Contact has extended its product portfolio of miniature terminal blocks with two versions: the new MPTD double miniature terminal blocks and MUTTB mini double-level terminal blocks. These terminal blocks enable quick mounting and especially space-saving wiring. Integrated marking elds can be used for easy EID and circuit marking. Due to an intuitive commissioning concept, the devices are quickly ready for use. The mechanical lock of the potentiometers ensures that the devices are also tamper-proof. Furthermore, the power supplies feature smart diagnostic options: multicolour LEDs and a collective relay contact signal all relevant states. The remote reset function enables the output channels to be reset via the digital input. IOLink communication facilitates detailed diagnostics and parameterization. The dynamic boost (150%/5 s) also enables dif cult loads to be started. Intelligent self-monitoring and integrated load management ensure high system availability. connected using compatible PV bridges and bridged versions. Despite their small size, all miniature terminal blocks bene t from the advantages and accessories of the Clipline complete system. They therefore provide a reliable solution for space-saving wiring in various applications.

20 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • LEDVANCE.COM THE FUTURE IS CIRCULAR Replace, don’t waste – in the interests of the circular economy, the LED light sources and drivers in EVERLOOP LED luminaires from LEDVANCE can be easily replaced and recycled if necessary. This means the luminaires themselves can remain in use almost indefinitely, less waste is produced and fewer resources are needed. A huge boost for sustainability. Find out more about LEDVANCE EVERLOOP now at ledvance.com/everloop LEDVANCE EVERLOOP

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 21 Industry News LEDVANCE Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award LEDVANCE, one of global leader in innovative lighting solutions, is excited to announce that it has been honored with the German Innovation Award 2024. The company has received the title for its groundbreaking product, EVERLOOP Linear Indiviled, in the category “Excellence in Business to Business: Lighting Solutions”. The German Innovation Awards recognize and reward industry pioneers who have made significant contributions through innovative products and solutions. The festive award ceremony took place on May 14, 2024 at the Futurium in Berlin. LEDVANCE’s EVERLOOP Linear Indiviled stood out among numerous entries for its exceptional innovation and advanced technology, setting new standards in the lighting industry. EVERLOOP by LEDVANCE promotes a circular economy by maximizing the lifespan of their luminaires. Instead of replacing entire luminaires, individual light sources and drivers can Recognition Highlights LEDVANCE's Commitment to Sustainable and Innovative Lighting Solutions. Industry News be conveniently replaced. This makes EVERLOOP a sustainable and convenient choice for installers, planners, and facility managers, ensuring sustainable ef ciency for industrial and of ce applications as well as public buildings. Bene ts include an extended lifetime and reduced waste, cost savings, and maintaining the same aesthetic in architectural settings through component replacement. “We are incredibly delighted to receive this prestigious award for EVERLOOP, which is one of our initiatives on the challenge of transitioning from a linear to a circular product lifecycle for luminaires,” said Tobias Pfaffenbauer, Head of Product Management Professional Luminaires & Light Management Systems EU-W at LEDVANCE. “This recognition underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation, contributing to the EU’s plan to reduce electronic waste. The key feature of EVERLOOP luminaires is that critical components, such as the light sources and drivers, are conveniently upgradeable or replaceable, making the luminaire EVER-lasting. In the future, we intend to integrate this feature into more and more of our luminaire series to save material and minimize waste.” LEDVANCE introduced the sub-brand LEDVANCE LOOP, which bundles the company’s sustainability endeavors, including the launch of the EVERLOOP product range. This umbrella-and-spokes model covers all efforts and measures across the company to transform the lighting industry into a greener one. Find out more about LEDVANCE EVERLOOP here... www.ledvance.com/professional/products/product-stories/everloop

22 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • SIMPLY A Stylish, Contemporary & Flexible Range of Smooth Profile Accessories All switch plates are modular as standard Antibacterial & Antiviral Certified Products Strength Tested to Meet BS 1363 call: 01 2811 122 email: sales@clicklitehouse.ie visit: www.clicklitehouse.ie

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 23 Industry News CEF TechTalks 2024: Empowering Electrical Professionals The CEF TechTalks 2024 series, led by electrical experts Darren Staniforth and Dave Austin, was an resounding success. Held across four cities in Ireland, these events attracted hundreds of electrical professionals eager to stay current with industry trends and regulatory changes. Electric.ie attended the event at the Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport on 17th May 2024, and it was a thoroughly enlightening experience. The day began with a early start busy trade show where people could drop in and have a hearty breakfast and some refreshments. This initial gathering provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to network before diving into the day’s agenda. The adjacent trade show allowed electricians to speak directly with product experts from over 12 leading brands, gaining hands-on exposure to the latest technologies and solutions. The sessions were curated to cover a broad spectrum of topics critical to modern electrical professionals. Key topics included: Thermal Imaging, Working safely with DC, Domestic Fire and CO Requirements, Emergency Lighting standards. There was also a discussion on the Key changes to EN 10101. Derek McKeever, ESPI & Sean Meally of Ei Electronics also gave some very informative presentations. Insights and Highlights from this Cutting-Edge Industry Event. Industry News A technical Q&A session allowed attendees to pose questions directly to the experts. Closing remarks gave a reminder of the valuable CPD certi cate available via email for attending the event. CEF TechTalks 2024 was a great success, providing a blend of knowledge, practical advice, and networking opportunities. For anyone committed to staying at the forefront of the electrical industry, attending this event was invaluable. Above: Darren Staniforth and Dave Austin. Inset: Sean Meally, Ei Electronics and Derek McKeever, ESPI.

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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 25 Schneider Electric named the world’s most sustainable company by Time magazine and Statista Time and Statista used a transparent, multistage methodology to identify the world's most sustainable companies for 2024. The process began with a pool of over 5,000 of the world's largest and most influential companies. Following a rigorous fourstage assessment, the final ranking excluded unsustainable industries and considered factors like external sustainability ratings and commitments, corporate reporting practices, and environmental and social performance indicators. This comprehensive approach produced a ranking of 500 companies from over 30 countries. Industry News Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has topped the "World's Most Sustainable Companies for 2024" list by Time magazine and Statista. This recognition reflects Schneider Electric's ambitious goals to reduce its own emissions, but also the company’s commitment to helping its customers to become more energy efficient and reduce their emissions. Both Time and Statista highlighted Schneider Electric's technological expertise and the Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) program. This transformative program drives and measures the company’s progress toward global sustainability 2021–2025 targets contributing to six long-term commitments that cover all environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions. Among this progress, the company helped customers reduce their carbon emissions, with 553 million tonnes of CO2 saved and avoided since 2018. The company has also made signi cant progress in transforming its own supply chain. Carbon emissions from Schneider Electric's top 1,000 suppliers fell by 27% since the beginning of the program — and 21% of the company's most strategic supply chain partners have met Schneider Electric's decent work standards. "We are incredibly honored to be recognized as the world's most sustainable company," said Peter Herweck, CEO of Schneider Electric. “This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, which is embedded in everything we do. We consider the environment, society, and good governance in our decisions and daily operations. That's why we're pushing hard to make even more progress on our sustainability goals and ensure everyone contributes to creating a positive and enduring impact”. Schneider Electric was also recently included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the 13th consecutive year, ranked #1 in its industry and secured its place in the Europe index. This achievement re ects its strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, with sustainability at the core of its strategy. Peter Herweck, CEO of Schneider Electric Read More: https://time.com/collection/worlds-most-sustainable-companies-2024/

26 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • The Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland) hosted its annual trade show and seminars at the Spa Hotel in Lucan on May 24th. This event showcased the latest innovations and advancements in the electrical industry, drawing together professionals, manufacturers, and enthusiasts for a dynamic exchange of knowledge and collaboration. Electrifying Success at AECI Trade Show 2024 AECI Trade Show 2024 ‒ Industry Leaders Converge at Lucan's Spa Hotel for a Day of Innovation and Insight. Éirin Madden, Schneider Electric. Gerry Geoghegan, AECI President; Mark Kenny, Legrand; Mark Keogh, EIFI President. Marc Crowe of Ei Electronics chatting to customers. Chris Lundy, Mark Keogh and Gerry Geoghegan. Paul Noonan of Switch Electrical Solutions. Brian Cassidy of CESCO chatting to a customer. Alan Brown, ATEX launched the new catalogue. This year's event had a high demand for its seminars, prompting repeat sessions in the afternoon. The seminars began at 8:30 AM, covering diverse topics such as CWPS Pensions, SEAI grants, Certi cation procedures by Safe Electric, the latest product offerings from Schneider Electric. Quantex spoke about contractors getting paid and then Magister spoke about employment law and how it relates to our industry. Following the seminars, EIFI President Mark Keogh of cially opened the event, welcoming guests and addressing some of the key challenges facing the industry. He highlighted the ongoing skill shortages, the drive for sustainability and green energy solutions, the rapid pace of technological advancements, and the complexities of regulatory compliance. Despite these challenges, Mark emphasised that the electrical industry remains a promising and rewarding eld. The event experienced strong attendance throughout the morning, with a slight decline after the second round of seminars. The AECI expresses its gratitude to the 40+ exhibitors and all attendees for their continued support of Ireland's electrical contracting industry. Dave Butler, Safe Electric gives a talk.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 Industry News ATEX - The right solution for your unique project ATEX offers a broad range of products and services, working closely and seamlessly with Irish, European, and global suppliers to deliver top-tier solutions. The company consistently stays abreast of quality control, emerging technologies, and product longevity, all while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. The newly released Product Guide, which showcases the nest products and key suppliers, is a testament to ATEX's commitment to excellence. This guide provides an extensive overview of their offerings, highlighting the diverse and innovative solutions available. For more information on the range of products ATEX can provide, contact sales@atex.ie or call 01 459 6996. Industry News - ATEX Launch New Product Guide ATEX LTD | PRODUCT GUIDE | 2024.1 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND | 2024.1 Download the Product Guide here at www.atex.ie/product_guide Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition The annual Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition was held at RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin on Tuesday, May 28, and Wednesday, May 29, 2024. The event featured a comprehensive conference program and an extensive exhibition area showcasing the latest technological solutions and business services available. The Irish manufacturing industry and its supply chain have had to adapt to the disruptive changes brought about by the digital revolution (Industry 4.0). A new wave of advanced technologies is transforming the manufacturing landscape and this no doubt prompted several electrical companies to attend the event. Mitsubishi Electric Demesne Electrical Kempston Controls CUBIC

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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 29 Industry News Human-Centric Lighting: A Crucial Element for Retrofit Projects As the deadline to phase out uorescent lighting approaches, installers nationwide are busy transitioning to energy-ef cient LED lighting. Concurrently, there is a growing demand from customers for lighting control systems that manage xtures ef ciently. This trend is driven by the substantial energy savings—up to 90%—that the combination of LED lighting and control systems can offer. What many customers may not realise, however, is that these systems, when paired with tunable LED luminaires, can also enhance employee productivity, happiness, and health. Here’s how. Humans, like all living beings, possess an internal "inner clock" known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleepwake cycles in sync with the natural light of day and night. Exposure to the right light at the right time signi cantly impacts our sleep quality, mood, and performance. For instance, it’s widely understood that blue light from screens can suppress melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep. Properly tuned lighting can mitigate such effects, supporting better sleep and overall well-being. Appropriate light levels, spectra, and exposure duration can positively affect people both physiologically and psychologically. This understanding is already in uencing hospital design in the Nordics, where humanDavid Hunt, Managing Director of Glamox Luxonic, delves into why human-centric lighting (HCL) should be a pivotal consideration in any retrofit project. Glamox centric lighting is a standard component in many healthcare tenders. Studies underline its bene ts: a general hospital in Korea found that patients with better daylight exposure had hospital stays shortened by 16%-41%. In Norway, a psychiatric hospital study showed that patients exposed to blue-depleted evening light slept longer and had extended rapid eye movement (REM) sleep compared to those under standard lighting conditions. The productivity bene ts of human-centric lighting are welldocumented. Research from University College London and VU Amsterdam, along with the University of Twente, has demonstrated productivity increases of 20% and 12%, respectively, under circadian lighting. Employees also reported feeling more energetic and happier. While the speci c gures may vary, the overarching trend indicates that lighting designed to mimic natural daylight can signi cantly impact workplace productivity. While HCL may not be a panacea for all productivity issues, it certainly offers substantial bene ts. From a business perspective, integrating humancentric lighting into building designs makes sound sense. Forward-thinking companies are already prioritising employee health and wellness in their infrastructure plans, recognising that healthier employees are less likely to take sick leave and more likely to be productive— potentially up to 20% more, according to research. Given the increasing adoption of lighting control systems, it is an opportune moment for enterprises and local authorities to embrace HCL in of ces, hospitals, and care facilities. Such a move promises to enhance the nation's well-being and economic performance, making it a win-win proposition for all stakeholders involved. 6 What is human centric lighting? HCL is a way of bringing the natural changes of light intensity and colour temperature indoors by using artificial light in order to imitate natural light. HCL is a way of bringing the natural changes of light intensity and colour temperature indoors by using artificial light in order to imitate natural light.

30 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Mitsubishi Electric Data analysis and management are vital for the entire manufacturing sector, doing more than just optimising production processes and identifying the root causes of quality issues. For instance, another example is the significant role they play in reducing energy costs, allowing for more efficient and sustainable operations. Looking beyond individual assets, data sharing between information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT), enable the creation of interconnected facilities that enhance productivity even more. In the videocast episode “Digital Journey - with a map”, Hartmut Pütz, President of Factory Automation EMEA at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., explores the changing landscape of digitalisation and its opportunities for manufacturing. Arti cial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the manufacturing industry. With the rise in data, AI-driven tools are becoming necessary. They have the power to decode complex situations, to facilitate decisionmaking processes and offer a complete overview of production processes. Additionally, data-driven technologies can help manufacturers to optimise customised production. In particular, they can support Embrace the future: Advance your digital transformation companies handle rapid shifts in demand by making forecasting methods more reliable. AI and ‘smarter’ operations allow a more ef cient and costeffective factory operations. Making elements within a factory ‘intelligent’ and focusing on bottleneck applications can greatly enhance productivity and ef ciency. Furthermore, AI’s role in predictive maintenance is extremely valuable for operational cost savings. For example, it can help avoid costly unexpected equipment failure and emergency shutdowns. While data-driven operations represent the future of the manufacturing industry, most data still isn’t used effectively enough. To address this, Hartmut Pütz suggests the Smart Manufacturing at Kaizen Level (SMKL) model. This uses small steps, like the Kaizen method, for manufacturing improvement and builds on the need for better data utilisation. The future of factory automation lies in leveraging the power of data. By optimising data use and its management, by embracing AI, manufacturing organisations can bene t from the opportunities to stay ahead in a digitally evolving industrial landscape and quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market. Hartmut Pütz, President of Factory Automation EMEA at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., You can learn more about these topics by watching Hartmut Pütz’s discussion on Mitsubishi Electric's videocast episode, "Digital Journey - with a map": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcGwFmAPJrY If reading this magazine online you can simply click on the image above to view the video.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 31 Embrace the future: Advance your digital transformation ie.mitsubishielectric.com/FA Data analysis and management optimise manufacturing processes, reduce energy costs and enhance productivity. With AI-driven tools like our ICONICS Solutions Suite or MELSOFT Gemini, you can decode complex situations, improve decision making and support customised production. AI and smarter operations increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With predictive maintenance, we can help avoid costly equipment failures. Leveraging AI and data-driven technologies in manufacturing ensures better adaptation to market changes and enhances overall operational efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric Ireland Factory Automation @MEIrishBranch MitsubishiFAEU Embrace the future: Advance your digital transformation ie.mitsubishielectric.com/FA Data analysis and management optimise manufacturing processes, reduce energy costs and enhance productivity. With AI-driven tools like our ICONICS Solutions Suite or MELSOFT Gemini, you can decode complex situations, improve decision making and support customised production. AI and smarter operations increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With predictive maintenance, we can help avoid costly equipment failures. Leveraging AI and data-driven technologies in manufacturing ensures better adaptation to market changes and enhances overall operational efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric Ireland Factory Automation @MEIrishBranch MitsubishiFAEU

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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 33 Industry News Ei Electronics Named as Title Sponsor for IEBA Dash of the Derg Charity Cycle on 20th September 2024. Founded in 2021, the IEBA has helped many members of the electrical industry, and their families, who have experienced difficulties with, for example, bereavement, depression, terminal illness, accidental death by providing short-term financial assistance. With help, awareness, and support, the IEBA can continue to make a difference to those in need in the electrical industry community in Ireland. The inaugural charity cycle will involve a 114km loop of Lough Derg – leaving from and returning to Killaloe, Co. Clare. As an of cially sanctioned Cycling Ireland event featuring stunning routes, and a shared sense of camaraderie, it will prove to be a fantastic opportunity to support a vital cause. Anyone involved in Ei Electronics the industry, from contractors and wholesalers, to distributors and their family and friends, are invited to get their cycling gear out to help raise much needed funds. A fundamental aspect of the corporate culture at Ei Electronics is the commitment to community engagement. Through continuous support of local schools, universities, sports clubs and charitable organisations, Ei demonstrates a strong belief in giving back to the communities in which they operate. This dedication shown by Ei has resulted in the establishment of long-lasting partnerships with various charities, contributing to the enhancement of the lives of individuals across the Mid-West region. Dash of the Derg 2024 Date: 20th September - Location: Killaloe, Co. Clare (start and finish) Entry Details: info@irisheba.ie - www.irisheba.ie/dash-of-the-derg/ Pictured alongside Sean Meally and Marc Crowe from Ei Electronics are Dash of the Derg committee members (L-R) Diarmaid McStay (REW), Andrew Clifford (JV Tierney), Stephen McManus (Lidacel Ltd), Mick Bissett (Hager) and Dan Fisher (Core Distribution).