Electric.ie Nov Dec 2020

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 13 ABB The Best of Both: ABB & GE Industrial Solutions A BB & GE Industrial Solutions leading edge technologies brings you a new comprehensive one-line construction package. “The product portfolios of GE Industrial Solutions and ABB are highly complementary. Together we can offer the Best of Both” explains Karl Rooney, Product Marketing Director, ABB Electrification Ireland. The 2018 acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions (GEIS) reinforced ABB’s position as a worldwide leader in electrification, providing growth opportunities through the combination of ABB’s digital offering, with the extensive GEIS installed base. This acquisition was completed on October 1st, 2020 and ABB Ireland are happy to welcome these products into their Electrification business. The new business unit called Electrification Industrial Solutions (ELIS) combines leading-edge technologies for a comprehensive portfolio of solutions as well as expanding the businesses global footprint, sales force and distribution network. ELIS builds on ABB’s reputation as a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion and industrial automation. The integration enables ABB to provide a more technologically advanced and digitally connected offering to customers around the world continuing a 130-year history ർ Delivering a Best in Class Source-to-Socket Portfolio of Industry Leading Technologies. of innovation. ABB Industrial Solutions empowers smarter business operations by connecting equipment, software, and services to protect, control, and optimize assets within electrical infrastructures. Across multiple energy-intensive industries, the business provides customers with end-to-end product and service solutions that help ensure the reliability and protection of their electrical infrastructure. “The Mistral 41 Unit is a stylish and flexible enclosure that is easy to install and has been designed specifically to enable the integration of smart equipment and applications to meet the needs of today’s connected smart homes and buildings” Brian Armstrong, Electrification Sales, Ireland. The GE Low Voltage products are now replaced with our ABB Home range of devices which include 1P MCB, 2P RCD,2P RCBO and Busbar. This range is specially designed for the residential market. ABB consumer units are all assembled on site in our Tallaght warehouse using home range devices. We can produce any configuration of consumer units: flush, wall mounted, plastic and metal. Please contact the sales team on the number or email address noted below for any special consumer unit projects. Available in your local ABB Distributor. For more Information on Best of Both – ABB & GE Industrial Solutions and other range of low voltage products, contact us on +35314057300 / +442892603500 or email: lvpsalesie@ie.abb.com or lvpsalesni@ie.abb.com Bot : dustrial Solutions n Class Source-to-Socket try L ading Technologies. ned port oli to provide you with the e-line construction package available nt and future project needs. Lighting Panelboard Power Panelboard Dry Type Transformer Tran former Low Voltage Switchgear Load Interrupter Switchgear Power Transformer Medium Voltage Switchgear Synchronous Switch Capacitor Bank Medium Voltage Motor Control Busway Busway Switchboard ger Enclosed Drive Load Center Auto atic Transfer Switc Energy Storage Container Technology Static Transfer Switch Uninterruptible Power Supplies PDU/RPP Get the “Best of Both” app to expl re the future f through this augmented reality experience. GET THE APP