Electric.ie January/February 2018

Please refer to our website for information about our 5 year warranty. With a Light Management System from Glamox you get a complete lighting solution. You define what you need, and we connect lighting solutions based on your requirements. We take full system responsibility! Premium luminaires and advanced light management system from Glamox By combining premium luminaires with carefully chosen smart technology, we can offer systems with great benefits. A complete lighting solution from Glamox, with a light management system will reduce your energy consumption, expand the lifetime of the installation and reduce maintenance cost. In addition, we supply smart solutions for the future building. With our solutions you can register movement in a building (heat mapping), locate important people or assets (asset tracking), and navigate through a building using the lighting grid already available in the ceiling. Where there is light there are people. Where there are people there is light. Learn more about Glamox Light Management Systems: www.glamox.ie