Electric.ie July/August Edition

20 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Demesne Electrical • Firmware update over the air • Change parameters over the air • Log-functions and run-time counter • APPs for simple controlling and easy monitoring ”‘Ͳ ”‘†—…– ‡ƒ–—”‡• • Always informed about the status of a system, from any location • Information via SMS, E-Mail or APP • Control & monitor machines via SMS, phone call or APP C ONTA-CLIP's GSM- Ͳ ‘†—Ž‡ ’”‘˜‹†‡• ƒ Ͳ Ȁͳ ”‡‘–‡…‘–”‘Ž ƒ† maintenance solution which allows you to monitor and control decentralized facilities. Š‡ Ǧ Ͳ ‘†—Ž‡ ‹ˆ‘”• you when your process has ƒ…Š‹‡˜‡† ƒ —•‡”Ǧ†‡Ƥ‡† •–ƒ–—• or limit value. Digital and analogue inputs values can also be transmitted via e-mail or SMS (text message). The digital relay outputs can be switched using an SMS sent from the decentralized control room or from the engineer. So the process can be monitored and controlled remotely. Free Android & iPhone App | Remote Monitoring Android and iPhone apps are available to make the monitoring and control functions of the Ǧ Ͳ ‘†—Ž‡• ‡˜‡ ‡ƒ•‹‡” –‘ operate. A user-friendly browser- based application can be used to …‘Ƥ‰—”‡ –Š‡ ‘†—Ž‡Ʋ• ‹’—–• and outputs and their required functions. Control & Monitor Machines From Any Location Dublin: 01 4047700 Cork: 021 4355440 Belfast: 028 90756808 Dungannon: 028 87725033