Electric.ie July/August Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 63 Golf Woodbrook Club Friday 25th May 2018 Overall Winner Shay Morris CB Žƒ•– Ƥ˜‡ 35pts Class 1 Winner Pat McCann 35pts Class 1 Runner Up Bill Kelly 32pts Class 2 Winner Michael Stout 36pts Class 2 Runner Up Dick Troy 35pts Class 3 Winner Shaun McDermot 34pts Class 3 Runner Up Jimmy Whan 29pts Visitor's Prize Declan Tighe 35pts SPONSOR: EXCEL ELECTRIC Concra Woods Friday 23rd June 2018 Winner Declan Tighe 40pts Runner Up Diarmuid McStay 37pts 3rd Paddy Fitzpatrick 36pts Class 1 Sean McGee 30pts Class 2 Peter Kelly 32.5pts Front Nine Conor McStay 19pts Back Nine David McLoughlin 17pts Visitor Winner John Smith 34p Visitor Runner Up Dave English 32pts Nearest Pin 6th Peter Kelly Longest Drive Dave Hickey SPONSOR HAGER St. Anne's Golf Club Friday 11th May 2018 Winner Paul Mimnagh 42.5pts Runner Up StephenWeir 40pts 3rd Rob Tighe 37.5pts Class 1 Tom Kane 31pts Class 2 David McLoughlin 36pts Front Nine John Garry 17pts Back Nine Peter Kelly 18pts Visitor Winner Denis McLoughlin 33pts Nearest Pin Peter Kelly SPONSOR: AP HASLAM L-R: Captain Tommy Munroe, Paul Byrne, Winner Shay Morris and Sponsor Kevin O' Reilly L-R: Captain David McLoughlin, Winner Paul Mimnagh and Sponsor Keith Haslam L-R: Captain Paul Byrne, winner Chris Lundy, Sponsor ACEC represented by Greg Harkness ‘” ƒ ˆ—ŽŽ Ž‹•– ‘ˆ —’…‘‹‰ ‘Žˆ ‹š–—”‡• ˜‹•‹– ™™™Ǥ‡Ž‡…–”‹…Ǥ‹‡Ȁ‰‘Žˆ Old Conna Golf Cub Friday 29th June 2018 Winner Chris Lundy 31pts Class 1 Winner Bill Coghlan 30pts Class 1 Runner Up Nigel Eakins 27pts Class 2 Winner Paul Byrne 26pts Class 2 Runner Up Paul Haslam 23pts Class 3 Winner Robert McClean 26pts Class 3 Runner Up Shaun Mc Dermot 19pts Visitor: Paul Buckley 32pts SPONSOR: ACEC The DREGS had their Golf Outing to Portugal from 9th to 15th May. The winner's trophy (awarded to Paul Haslam, player of the week) was sponsored by Harkness Bros (Greg Harkness) and Bill Coghlan Electrical (Bill Coghlan). DREGS Tee Off in Portugal GOLF NEWS L-R: Winner Declan Tighe, Johnny Morrison (HAGER) and Captain David McLoughlin