Electric.ie March/April 2018 Editon

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 59 Industry News You can’t measure voltage without test leads 'PS NPSF JOGPSNBUJPO QMFBTF WJTJU ZPVS MPDBM XIPMFTBMFS PS DPOUBDU &%- PO PS XXX FE MJSFMBOE JF The NEW Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester Now measure voltage the same way you measure current, without test lead contact to live voltage. FieldSense technology lets you slide the open fork over a conductor and see the voltage level. 1 1 Requires capacitive path to ground, provided through user in most applications. Ground connection via test lead may be required in some situations. ©2017 Fluke Corporation. 60098684a-uken Fluke. Keeping your world up and running. ® 'Futureproof Northwest' Connecting Northwest Ireland E IFI President Sean Downey, a Derry native based in Dublin, welcomed Helen McEntee TD, Minister of State for European Affairs to give the opening address at a recent event to launch ‘Futureproof Northwest’ at the Harcourt Hotel in Dublin. Futureproof Northwest has been established to provide a network to connect people from the northwest city region of Ireland, the city of Derry and its hinterland, who may be primarily based in Dublin. Minister of State McEntee commented on the importance of connectivity as an island nation and spoke on how Ireland benefitted from EU membership, evolving from an inward looking country on the edge of Europe to a country in the centre of the world and one of the best examples of progressive smaller nations in the EU. She also reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to encourage further engagement from community led initiatives such as ‘Futureproof Northwest’ and observed that wherever we are in the world, we always have a soft spot for home and try to ensure that our hometown and region is prospering. Sean Downey, a founding member of Futureproof Northwest, gave an overview of the organisation and of the events planned for the year. Further information on what Futureproof Northwest is about and how people can get involved can be found on the association’s website www.futureproofnorthwest .com Gemma Bradley, (singer) with Sean Downey and Helen McEntee TD