Electric.ie Nov/Dec 18 Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 55 Stage 1: Onsite with Hanley Automation (21 weeks) 5 Stage Training Programme Stage 3: Onsite with Hanley Automation (18 weeks) Stage 5: Onsite with Hanley Automation (35 weeks) Stage 4: Attend College based Learning in LIT (18 weeks-28hrs/week) Stage 2: Attend College based Learning in LIT (15 weeks- 28hrs/week) • Project work- LMS, Lab completion • Industrial Communication and Personal Development • Shadowing senior engineers • Work based projects-Manufacturing 4.0, Historians, Data Analytics • Shadowing senior engineers on client sites • Project Management • Industrial Projects-OEE, Thin Manager (Physical to Virtual) Entry Requirements: This programme is primarily designed for those who are already working within automation and are interested in continuing their professional and educational development. To be considered for this opportunity the individual must have: • Experience working within Automation or related field • Knowledge of PLCs, Scada, HMIs, Allen Bradley and/or Siemens • .VTU IPME B $SBGU DFSUJGJDBUF 4FOJPS 5SBEF &MFDUSJDBM *OTUSVNFOUBUJPO 3FGSJHFSBUJPO PS IPME B -FWFM 2VBMJGJDBUJPO JO &MFDUSJDBM &OHJOFFSJOH PS B DPHOBUF &MFDUSJDBM $FSUJGJDBUJPO • A full work Irish work permit To Apply: If the Next Step Programme is something you wish to apply for please send your CV along with a personal statement detailing your suitability and interest in the course to nicola@hanleyautomation.com. If your application is successful, you will be offered full time employment by Hanley Automation. The application to the training programme in LIT is then submitted by Hanley and then approved. Once approved you will be required to complete an “Apprentice Registration Form”prior to commencing the course section of your training. For further information please email nicola@hanleyautomation.com or Call 086 145 0769