Electric.ie September/October Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 13 Schneider Electric Schneider Electric introduces a new range of PrismaSeT LV switchboard allowing for groundbreaking innovations in electrical distribution Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of the new PrismaSeT LV switchboard for its EcoStruxure™ Power architecture. PrismaSeT is the optimized, tested and IEC compliant solution, based on more than 30 years of experience in low voltage switchboards. In response to the need for superior operational safety, the new PrismaSeT switchboard is designed to enhance re prevention with IEC 61439-1 & 2 type-tested functional units, and optional, innovative PowerLogic™ HeatTag sensor. The robustness of the new panel has been signi cantly improved to gain ef ciency at every level and provide peace of mind to panel builders, electrical contractors and facility managers. Reinforced frame and doors make it easier and safer to operate and maintain the LV switchboard and ensure its durability in any environment. The new design of PrismaSeT is elegantly minimalistic and modern to increase customer satisfaction. To improve on sustainability at all levels, Schneider Electric has eliminated the use of plastic packaging for PrismaSeT switchboard. The new green packaging decreases the quantity of waste and its disposal cost by using only recyclable cardboard. By offering customers new and simple architectures for switchboards, Schneider Electric is striving to provide increased safety, power availability, and sustainability through actionable insights. The goal is to provide the customers with modularity ‒ Schneider Electric launches the next generation PrismaSeT LV switchboard, designed to enhance fire prevention and overall customer experience with increased robustness. ‒ PrismaSeT features a new look and feel for an improved ergonomic experience and is delivered in green packaging made entirely of cardboard. ‒ New generation of ComPacT molded-case circuit breakers are upgraded with a game-changing user interface to improve customer experience. ‒ New PowerLogic HeatTag takes fire prevention to the next level with a unique and revolutionary sensor allowing for cable overheating detection. in installation, where design and technological upgrades are simple to deploy, to ensure the continuous improvement of their buildings. Thanks to modular design, PrismaSeT switchboards can be modi ed easily to integrate new functional units as needed. New generation of ComPacT breakers Schneider Electric unveiled a new generation of its trusted ComPacT molded-case circuit breakers, featuring a refreshed design and tailored for operational excellence and major simpli cation of maintenance activities. The ComPacT range is now connectivity-ready, and modular plug-and-play accessories expand the capacity for advanced monitoring capabilities. This design breakthrough comes in a unit that is the same shape and size as its predecessor — making it easy to retro t breakers already in use and giving customers the option of expanding the capabilities for ComPacT transgenerationally to unleash digital intelligence. An additional improvement to the design is the introduction of a semi-transparent front faceplate. This innovation makes it easy to see at a glance that all components and auxiliaries are correctly installed. Connectivity also revolutionizes and enhances installing, maintaining, or upgrading the all-new ComPacT range. New wireless auxiliaries give users improved insight into their electric distribution system to maximize power availability. By putting data in the hands of users anywhere, anytime, for increased monitoring and decision making, this advancement rede nes how we work in the IoT age. PowerLogic HeatTag The PowerLogic HeatTag sensor is a revolutionary new product designed to provide re prevention for switchboards. Its proactive heating detection technology drastically reduces the risk of re. Through an arti cial intelligence algorithm, this wireless sensor continuously analyzes the air inside the panel in real time to detect any cable overheating. When an anomaly is detected, long before a re starts or smoke even appears, a noti cation is instantaneously received by the facility manager, on their smartphone or Building Management System. A simple, but very effective way to drastically improve the safety of buildings and facilities that takes full advantage of being connected to the Schneider Electric cloud.