Electric.ie September/October Edition

20 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Winter is Coming Smart Heaters If top-of-the-range, smart heating is what you’re after, then look no further! The ATC Smart range offers sleek, modern radiators that boast energy saving features such as Open Window Technology, Adaptive Start, and PID Intelligent control. Control your heating from anywhere by downloading the app to your smart device for on-the-go controllability, scheduling and customisation. Interested in smart heating? Choose from the iLifestyle Wi-Fi Radiator, Sun Ray RF Radiator, Merida RF Panel Radiator or the Pacific RF Towel Radiator. Digital Heaters If you’re after a more traditional heating option that offers a modern upgrade on wet systems, then the ATC digital range is for you. Simple to install, program and operate, and offering boost mode for a seamless heating experience. Choose from the Almeria ECO Panel Heater, Lifestyle Radiator or Neptune Low Level Radiator. Bathroom Range Bathrooms can be particularly chilly in winter, due to the fact that they normally don’t have radiators. With some simple changes, you can create an oasis of calm, comfortable warmth. The most luxurious choice here ‒ With rising energy costs, and dropping temperatures, heating is a concern for all of us this year. The seasons are changing already, and before we know it winter will be here. ‒ Keep your heating bills to a minimum by choosing electric heating over gas or other fossil fuels. ‒ The ATC heating range offers key energy saving features to ensure that you don’t use more electricity than needed - keeping bills low and spirits up! ‒ Choose from a wide selection of ATC Smart, Digital, Bathroom, Outdoor and Commercial heating ranges. ‒ Get the temperature just right by pairing your products with one of our thermostats for simple, seamless control. ‒ Keep cosy this winter with ATC – Your Heating Partner. ATC The ATC Heating Range