Electric.ie September/October Edition

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 Glamox Glamox C77 - Comfortable light for offices and schools The new C77 is a series of slender luminaires with rounded corners and an industrial appearance that can perfectly blend into various modern interiors. It is available in square and rectangular shapes and several sizes, combined with ef cient silver metallic, trendy black and elegant white re ector optics. You can also choose from a wide range of mounting solutions. Ensure more ef cient energy usage by using C77 with an array of different sensors. Add colourchanging options to also improve the overall ambience of each room, aid concentration, and even boost productivity. The sensors are discreetly integrated in the luminaires, creating a smart solution and simultaneously helping you to avoid visual clutter in the interior design. For your visual comfort The appropriate lighting in a space is important not only in terms of sheer visibility – it also creates speci c ‒We all know that proper lighting is essential for ensuring adequate visual comfort. The Glamox C77 provides more light and a better depth of view, creating the right visual conditions for important daily tasks. This highly efficient luminaire combines ample luminous efficacy with comfortably low glare ratings. The result you get is comfortable light for focused office work and productive learning environments. bene ts that are signi cant for the users of each interior. The correct illumination of a classroom, for example, allows for better communication between teachers and students. The C77 provides more light and a better 2 The idea behin the roots of Gl on modern refl alternative to t market today. control, combi creates a uniq the room. The with rounded c with the reflec harmonious eff Designers: Magnus Hjelmås Hans Bleken Rud ” depth of view, which is particularly bene cial for school children, as it is crucial for them to clearly see the information on blackboards and paper materials on their desks. Proper visual conditions also contribute to the improvement in the