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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 3 Prysmian FP products repeatedly specified for key projects - Page 27 Garo - Innovate products and develop for the future - Page 7 Phoenix Contact - Protecting Charging infrastructure - Page 8 8 5 Editorial 7 GARO innovate products and develop for the future. 8 Safe electric vehicle charging. 10 Phoenix Contact: First type 2 Push-in surge protection. 13 Siemens to conduct renewable energy & green hydrogen feasibility study. 15 Have your say on new National Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy. 17 One in four construction jobs added in 2021went to women. 20 EcoVolt takes home "Innovator of the Year" Award at the 2022 SFA Awards. 21 I.S. 3218 has under gone a revision and the resulting draft is now available for public comment. 23 Move from Electrician to Engineer with an Apprenticeship. 25 New Workplace Pension Scheme for Ireland. 27 Precision Cables: Prysmian FP products repeatedly specified for key projects. 29 First grid-scale solar project to connect to the national grid under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS). 31 Ventilux: Complete wireless DALI solution. 33 Give your van some TLC with Schneider Electric. 34 Hager: Tailored Solutions. 35 Phoenix Contact: Space-saving power supplies. 37 New President of the Association of Electrical Contractors of Ireland. 41 Workers will be entitled to Sick Pay for the first time under new law. 42 DIY SOS: The BIg Build Ireland. 44 Luceco Group: Evolving choice in decorative wiring accessories. 47 Save the Date 18th November 2022 for the Charity Ball. 50 Rittal: Are You Ready for the Summer? Really?? 53 Golf Results. 59 WEEE Ireland and LauraLynn Partnership Reaches €520,000. 61 The SEAI Energy Show returns after a two-year absence. 64 Obituary - John Fitzsimons: 1933 - 2022 65 Appointments. 50 Contents 44 d 1 4 Sunshine In ustrial Estate, Cruml in Road, Dubl in 1 2 | Tel: +353 (1 ) 453 2522 Email: Contact the sales office on 01 453 2522 to discuss howwe can help you. The solid substance in the Stixx-series consists of a potassium compound. Potassium radicals are very active and th y interrupt the chemical ombustion reactions by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame. As aerosols consist of very small particles in a gas, the result is a more effective extinguishing agent than conventional powder. Standalone unit Non pressurized Residue free technology Non toxic potassiummix Extinguishes all kinds of fires Protected space 0,1 m Easily installed Maintenance free 5 year life span This MAUS™ technology is so versatile and accessible that we now can bring fire suppression to every electric enclosure. Automatic FIRE SUPRESSION

4 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • d 1 4 Sunshine In ustrial Estate, Cruml in Road, Dubl in 1 2 | Tel: +353 (1 ) 453 2522 Email: MARKINGENIUS®MG3 high speed flat bed printer thermal transfer technology Only €2,980 with €2,500 material* free of charge! ROLLY3000 prints TERMO-ROLL heat shrinkable tubing in continuous or ladder format at high speed. Only €2,350 with €1,800 material* free of charge! Innovative solutions in identification & labeling systems *Selected free of charge material (list price value) will be available from specific Cembre catalogues. Proud distributors of Cembre products for over 15 years! Family run Irish business providing solutions to the Industrial Electrical Industry for over 75 years. Contact the sales office on +353 1453 2522 to discuss howwe can help.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 5 Register your Electricians for the Level 7 BEng Industrial Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) and grow your own Engineers Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (Coordinating provider) For further information contact: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Moylish Park, Limerick Tel: 061 293318/ 061 293183 rl°\ ENGINEERS '¼' IRELAND Editorial Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd., Bluebell House Business Centre, Bluebell Avenue, Dublin 12 Tel: (087) 6698028 Reg. Dublin: 512293 Colin Sherlock Sales & Marketing Manager Layout/Design DISCLAIMER Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. accept no responsiblity for the accuracy of contributed articles or statements appearing in this publication. is published by Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. The magazine is circulated throughout Ireland and is available on wholesale trade counters and from representatives of electrical distributors who are members of EMDA The editor welcomes: contributions of technical papers, information on new products, details of installation projects and all editorial input of interest to our readers. Printed by W&G Baird Congratulations to Gerry Geoghegan (H.Sheils Ltd.) on his election as President of ‘The Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland)’. Taking over the presidency from Colm Walsh at the recent AECI AGM, the association continues in safe hands in these difficult times for industry. The SEAI Energy Show was back. TUS two-year programme: Electrician to Engineer. Congratulations also to EcoVolt on winning the "Innovator of the Year" award at the recent 2020 SFA Awards event. Well deserved recognition for a very progressive\irish company. An opportunity to "Have Your Say" on the National Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy. Also, I.S. 3218 has under gone a revision and the resulting draft is now available for public comment. The "Electrician to Engineer" two year programme run by TUS adds to the recent upsurge in training now available to the industry. This course is a great opportunity for young electricians to further their studies. (Page 23). In this edition of the magazine Phoenix Contact has written a very informative article on safe electrical vehicle charging and protecting charging infrastructure from transient over-voltages. (Page 8) GARO present details on innovation with new products and developments for the future. (Page 7) L-R: Colm Walsh, Gerry Geoghegan with Chris Lundy. We review The SEAI Energy Shows very successful return as a live event after a two year absence. (Page 61) Early Warning! The IEBA Winter ball returns on 18th November. Stephen Dempsey of EcoVolt receives SFAAward.

6 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • C M Y CM MY CY CMY K SMART CHARGING STATIONS FOR EVERY APPLICATION... Quality and design for Public Environments Future-proof connectivity & OCPP support Simple, Smart & Safe - The chargers of the future Suitable for Apartment Buildings, Workplaces & Public Carparks Flexibility with installs COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTIES EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE 2% DISCOUNT ON WEB ORDERS MANUFACTURED IN THE EU Unit 19/307 Northwest Business Park Ballycoolin, Dublin 15 D15 AV81 +353 01 866 5360 sales@garo. ie www.garo. ie EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE 2% DISCOUNT ON WEB ORDERS 80 YEARS OF EXPERTISE GARO innovate products and develop for the future. Products that ensure energy savings, smart control and ease of use. We are your Trusted Supplier Provide Support & Resources Experienced Engineers and Electricians in Sales Support & Production We at GARO have a strong focus on sustainability, we work long-term to improve the impact our activities, products and decisions have on the environment WHY TRUST GARO? The future is electric. NEW! WEBSITE COMING SOON

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 7 GARO GARO innovate products and develop for the future Your Trusted Supplier GARO is one of the market leading EV charging providers across Ireland and the UK. As part of the multinational GARO Group, we have been operating in Ireland for over 40 years. Our EV Division offers an extensive range of Premium EV charging solutions, from domestic settings through to the largest commercial installations including rapid motorway chargers, always with comprehensive warranties. Our Project / Installation Division offer a comprehensive range of European manufactured consumer units, enclosures, components, switchgear and CEE plugs and sockets. GARO has extensive Irish technical support staff to respond to market and regulatory changes. With a focus on electrical safety and userfriendliness, GARO is FUTURESMART. ‒After 80 years in the industry, GARO has built up the expertise that makes us your reliable supplier of electrical solutions and EV charging stations. Nationwide Support & Resources Customer satisfaction, support and security of supply are our priority. The market is currently going through exceptional growth whilst struggling with global supply line and component supply issues. At GARO we hold comprehensive stock levels and achieve the highest next day delivery % in the industry. Ongoing employee training programs for our staff ensure we give rst class support. Technical training on EV and our other products is available to customers and installers, through our GARO Academy on-line courses. Our nationwide network of GARO experienced Engineers are on hand across Ireland and Northern Ireland for sites visits and training days. Strong Focus on Sustainability GARO has a strong focus on sustainability and energy consumption, with ongoing programs to reduce the impact our activities, products and decisions have on the environment. GARO Group invests signi cant resources in developing charging stations and smart energy-ef cient products to help reduce CO2 emissions. At the core of our product development process is the imperative to improve our products, to make them more energy ef cient and reduce our carbon footprint. ‘Futuresmart’ technology is built into our products wherever possible, both to reduce the risk of obsolescence and to develop products that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Features include energy savings, plug and play, communication, smarter control and of course easy to use. The future is sustainable. 80 YEARS OF EXPERTISE COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTIES MADE IN EUROPE NATIONWIDE LOCAL SUPPORT 01 866 5360 FrontCoverBlank- GARO ELECTRIC.pdf 1 20/04/2022 09:16

8 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Phoenix Contact Safe electric vehicle charging – Protecting charging infrastructure from transient overvoltages Users and operators of charging stations expect one hundred percent availability from them. When a charging station is out of order, one side has limited mobility, and the other faces lost sales and repair costs. Short voltage spikes, known as transient overvoltages, are responsible for a signi cant proportion of failures. Protective measures to prevent transient overvoltages can help (Figure 1) Sensitive electronics in charging devices The equipment in charging devices depends heavily on the type of charge. A battery charging device is needed for all types of charging. For AC charging, the charging device is located in the vehicle, and for DC charging it is located in the stationary charging device. All charging devices have a charging controller. In AC charging devices, residual current devices (RCDs) are used to detect faulty currents, known as residual currents; in DC charging devices, insulation monitoring devices (IMDs) are used. Public charging stations also usually have operator terminals, billing systems and communications equipment. Charging parks include additional equipment for load distribution and for energy management. All of these components react sensitively to transient overvoltages, and must be protected from them (Figure 2). Hazard due to the effects of lightning and switching overvoltages With charging equipment, indirect lightning strikes – which are lighting strikes close by – must be taken into consideration. If the equipment is away from buildings, direct lighting strikes are more unlikely. In addition, comprehensive protection against direct lightning strikes is expensive — a lightning protection system is made up of an arrester, protective devices, a suitable grounding system, a dense potential equalization system, and lightning current carrying-capable surge protective devices (SPDs) of type 1. Therefore, most charging parks and individual charging stations do not include a lightning protection system of this type. Direct lightning strikes on charging devices are simply accepted as a risk. Figure 2 : Charging station for AC charging in public areas: The sensitive electronic components are protected by overvoltage protection devices of various types. Figure 1 : Protection even against storms: Charging devices need to function safely and reliably in all types of weather. Dipl.-Ing. Holger Heckler, Product Marketing Lightning and Surge Protection Trabtech, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany; and Dipl.-Ing. Axel Rüther, Electronics Sales Marketing, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH, Blomberg, Germany.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 9 Phoenix Contact But the voltage peaks that also occur on the supply and data lines due to indirect lightning strikes are usually signi cantly higher than the surge voltage strength of the equipment used in the charging devices and the surge voltage strength of the electric vehicle attached to them. When planning charging devices, however, malfunctions caused by lightning strikes are not the only thing that need to be taken into account; switching overvoltages from the lowvoltage supply system also play a part. Switching overvoltages occur frequently, but do not always cause immediate damage to the equipment. However, if switching overvoltages occur more frequently, then they can age electrical and electronic equipment prematurely. But individual switching overvoltages can also have an amplitude above the insulation or impulse withstand voltage of the equipment. Therefore, when higher voltage peaks occur due to lightning strikes or switching overvoltages, charging devices and the associated auxiliary equipment, including the electric vehicle itself, can become damaged or even destroyed. Overvoltages cause short circuits, among other things. The damage caused by short circuits in energy technology circuits is often more serious than damage that has been caused by the actual overvoltage event. When short-circuit currents are being directed to ground (ground leakage currents), conductive parts that are grounded can carry voltages that are dangerous if touched. Conductive parts of charging stations or conductive grounded parts of electric vehicles that can be touched can also be carrying dangerous voltages. The likelihood of voltages that are dangerous to the touch that were caused by voltage peaks with subsequent ground leakage currents can be effectively lowered by using surge protective devices. Usually, it is suf cient to protect charging devices and electric vehicles in such a way that they can survive indirect lighting strikes and switching overvoltages from the power grid without damage. Effective protection thanks to overvoltage safety equipment Overvoltage safety equipment effectively protects against transient events due to overvoltages resulting from lightning strikes (lightning surge voltages), overcurrents resulting from lightning strikes (lighting surge currents) and switching overvoltages. The following protective effects are achieved by using overvoltage safety equipment: • Surge currents caused by lighting are “redirected” so that the conductors do not overheat. • Overvoltages caused by lightning are limited for neighboring circuits in such a way that the insulation and electric strength of the equipment to be protected is not exceeded and there is no dangerous spark formation or short-circuiting. • Switching overvoltages are limited in such a way that premature aging of electronic devices is prevented to the greatest extent possible. The spatial design and the arrangement of electronic equipment in a charging park has a huge in uence on the respective load that can be expected due to surge voltages and surge currents. Therefore, a risk assessment should be carried out for each charging park. This is the only way to ensure that suitable surge protective devices are selected and the best-possible installation locations are found. If direct lightning strikes are to be expected, then powerful type 1 overvoltage protection equipment – referred to as lightning current arresters – should be included in the the potential equalization system for the power lines. If no external lightning protection is present or planned, then more costeffective type 2 overvoltage protection equipment – referred to as surge protective devices – are the optimal solution (Figure 3). In addition, numerous components are supplied with 24 V DC in the charging stations. The 24 V auxiliary voltage can be protected with type 3 overvoltage protection equipment, for example. In charging parks and at public charging stations, components for communication with a billing system or a building management system are also usually present. For this purpose, for example, an Figure 3 : SPD type 2: The VAL-SEC-T2-3S-350-FM devices from Phoenix Contact have been designed for grounded 230/400 V AC power supply systems. (continued on next page)

10 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • HEPA Filter 0203 564 9164 – – ATC Tiger ECO High Speed Hand Dryer Ultra Modern Design Ecosun Low Temp Ceiling Heaters ATC Pacific Unvented Water Heaters For Wash Stations ATC Dahlia Hand Santiser Station Wash—Dry—Sanitise • Automatic No Touch Operation • Hygienic • 36,000 Operation Battery Life • Battery Powered: 6 x AA batteries • Wall mounted in Minutes • Free Standing Station • No Power Required • Sturdy yet Portable • Adjustable Heights • For use with Dahlia Hand Sanitiser Dispenser • Hygienic No Touch Operation • Dries hands in 15 Seconds • Low Energy (550/1200W) • Super Silent—70dB @ 1m • Optional HEPA Filter – removes 99.97% of bacteria particles • Two panel sizes 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm • Energy efficient low energy costs • Draught and Noise free • Ceiling mounting allows flexible use of floor and wall space • Designed for quick and easy installation to suspended ceilings • 3 Sizes: 5, 10, 14 Litres • ERP Rated B • New Safety Valve • Glass lined tank • External adjustable • Thermostat control • Quick recovery element • Wall & Floor Mounted ATC Dahlia Hand Santiser Dispenser Wash—Dry—Sanitise Wash – Dry – Sanitise Restaurants Schools Sports Facilities Universities Stadia Hotels Experience Unique • Soap Dispenser • Automation Water Tap • High Speed Hand Dryer ATC Eco Tap Wash Room System Phoenix Contact Ethernet connection can be used. Type D1 overvoltage protection equipment would then be recommended to protect this connection (Figure 4). Charging park and charging station designs can be signi cantly more complex than in the example above. Therefore, all lines and equipment where a hazard due to overvoltages can be expected must be included in the risk assessment. This includes the following components: • If it has its own transformer, then there is always a low voltage switching device. • In more complex charging devices and charging parks, there are always control li e for energy management. • DC fast-charging devices can be equipped with additional central cooling equipment or with cooling equipment in the harging stations. • DC storage with buffer batteries and DC/DC or DC/AC converters Additional information: Figure 4: SPD type D1: The DT-LAN-CAT.6+ device from Phoenix Contact protects the Ethernet cables (from previous page) Overvoltage safety equipment increases the availability of the charging infrastructure and also protects the connected electric vehicles. Phoenix Contact provides suitable solutions for all application cases with AC or DC charging in the fields of electrical energy technology, measurement and control technology, as well as for data technology and information technology equipment. First type 2 Push-in surge protection If the distance between the upstream surge protection and the components to be protected is greater than 10 meters, the IEC standard 60364-5-53 recommends additional surge protection. It is now significantly easier to realize this recomm ndation by installing the VAL-MS PT surge protective device. This protective device is available both with and without remote indication contact. Push-in connection technology enables fast installation and uniform connection technology in the entire control cabinet. Testing the recommended nominal tightening torque is a thing of the past. The protective device features two terminal points per position, enabling user-friendly through-wiring of the feed-in lines. This also saves additional installation material. Both exible rigid conductors up to a maximum cross-section of 10 mm can be connected. A voltage test can be performed directly on the test point on each position. The protective device also features an optical status indicator integrated into the plug that displays the operational readiness of the product to the user. ‒The VAL-MS PT surge protective device from Phoenix Contact is the first type 2 protective device with Push-in connection technology in the world. It is available for the globally widespread voltage level of 230/400 V,and is therefore particularly well-suited for protecting pow r distribution in subdistribution systems.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 11 The heart of your control cabinet The power supply that keeps everything running The powerful QUINT POWER power supplies with SFB Technology, preventive function monitoring, and parameterizable settings ensure the availability of your system in any given situation. From 1 A to 40 A – we o er the right solution for every control cabinet. For additional information, visit PS 03-20.002.L1 First type 2 Push-in surge protection Easy handling during installation The VAL-MS PT is the first type 2 surge protective device in the world with Push-in connection technology. Benefit from the advantages of this proven connection method for tool-free installation. Testing the recommended tightening torque is a thing of the past. ie or call +353 (0) 12051300 INT 1- 1. 0.

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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 13 Industry News Offaly County Council appoints Siemens to conduct Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen feasibility study Offaly County Council has appointed Siemens to conduct a leading research project exploring the potential and opportunities for the integration of a data centre with renewable energy and green hydrogen in the Midlands. Building on the energy heritage built up through the peatgeneration era, this project at Rhode Green Energy Park will provide evidence-based research to enhance the development of green energy enterprises within the Midlands, a region in close proximity to the Greater Dublin Area. This study is co-funded by the Just Transition Fund and North Offaly Development Fund (NODF). The North Offaly Development Fund is a community group with Rhode Green Energy Park as its agship project. Chaired by Eugene Mulligan, the group has been working in close collaboration with Offaly County Council for a number of years to harness the potential of the site. Throughout the county, Offaly County Council has taken a lead role in embracing renewable energy in recent years and is examining opportunities in emerging areas including Green Hydrogen and synergies between renewable energy generation, battery “Exploring Data Centre Integration with Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen in the Midlands” storage, large-scale energy usage and spin-off industries. The Chief Executive of Offaly County Council Anna-Marie Delaney said: “The co-location of diverse renewable energy systems integrating into the national grid at Rhode Green Energy Park provides unique prospects for cutting edge innovation and demonstration hubs. Collaborations between industry, academia and stakeholders are underway to explore opportunities such as a Green Hydrogen integration and demonstration hub, and largescale energy user integration with renewables. Siemens brings leading international experience and expertise in data centres and renewables”. Joe Walsh, General Manager of Siemens Limited, Dublin said: “Our team is looking forward to working on this project which is anticipated to deliver key insights of both regional and national significance as this study will examine how to decarbonise data centres. The key learnings can then be applied more generally to Ireland as a whole”. Councillor Liam Quinn, Cathaoirleach of Edenderry MD and Director of NODF CLG welcomed the initiative. He commented that it demonstrates Offaly’s commitment to innovation and sustainable economic development and is an important milestone in the development of Rhode Green Energy Park. L to R: Eugene Mulligan, Chair NODF; Councillor Liam Quinn, Offaly County Council; Joe Walsh, General Manager, Siemens Limited; Anna-Marie Delaney, Chief Executive, Offaly County Council.

14 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Switch & Save this Spring By making the switch from Gas to Electric Outdoor Heating Save €6,299 per year *Based on heaters operating 7 days @ 6 hours per day. Figures correct as of April 2022 SCAN ME FOR COST SAVINGS

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 15 Industry News Have your say on new National Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy Minister Ryan also reiterated the government’s longstanding commitment to a just transition to a decarbonised transport system for all sections of Irish society, saying that the new infrastructure will be planned and designed for all drivers, both rural and urban. The Strategy, which is now open for public consultation, sets out a pathway for the crucial period out to 2025, as Ireland continues its rapidly accelerating progress towards its Climate Action Plan target of nearly a million EVs by 2030. In 2025, the Strategy will be reviewed and updated to take Ireland through to the end of this decade. Minister Ryan commented: "At this early stage in our adoption of EVs there is an opportunity for us to learn from best practice and creative solutions that have been tested in other locations already and to shape our policy so that we can deliver a network of publicly accessible infrastructure that is world class in terms of its interoperability, its broad coverage and flexibility of use for the vast majority of drivers. I urge people to read the strategy document and to have their say on how we design this new transport map." With over 50,000 electric vehicles already on our roads and EVs now accounting for an ever-growing share of new car sales, demand for charging will continue to grow. While it is expected that around 80pc of charging will continue to take place at home, the government remains committed both to meeting the needs of those for whom home-charging is not an option and to the creation of a seamless network of publicly accessible and user-friendly infrastructure. The Strategy identi es four main categories of infrastructure, serving different user needs according to where, when and how drivers need to charge their EVs. These are: • home/apartment charging • residential neighbourhood charging (including on-street and co-charging) • destination charging (for example: sports facilities, retail centres, hotels, tourist locations) • motorway/en route charging (ultra-rapid charging) It sets out a plan for the delivery of each of these in the coming years, based upon partnerships between the Department of Transport and a range of relevant stakeholders, including industry, private charge point operators, local authorities and ordinary drivers. A leading role will be played by Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland (ZEVI), a new dedicated of ce being established by the Department of Transport, in partnership with TII and the SEAI, to co-ordinate and deliver the policy pathway for low emission vehicles. The Strategy also makes several recommendations in relation to the actions, funding streams and supports that will be put in place by Government to deliver a seamless publicly accessible charging network. In support of a just transition to electric, this Strategy speci cally considers ways in which to support wider access to EVs in population groups with low car ownership levels. Consideration is also given as to how to support the delivery of EV charging infrastructure in rural areas including the Gaeltacht and Islands, to support a rural transition to EVs. For more information please visit the Department of Transport’s website. To make a submission, please email responses to ‒Minister Eamon Ryan has unveiled the Department of Transport’s Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy with a pledge that Ireland’s charging infrastructure would stay ahead of the rapidly rising demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

16 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Engage Home Online Energy Monitor Available from Kempston Controls The engage displays your energy consumption in real-time. It provides a rich interface with analytics for you to understand your energy usage. It can be used to track individual appliances, circuits or an entire home or business premise. A sensor is clipped onto the live feed cable of your breaker panel. A lead from the sensor is connected to the efergy transmitter. This transmitter wirelessly sends real-time data to the hub. The engage hub is connected to your internet router via an ethernet cable. The web platform or app will then show you how much energy you are using in the same units that are on your bill. How it Works Available from Kempston Controls +353 42 935 9393 Instantly see the cost of using energy in your home View energy use on our web portal or app Usage history per day, week, month or year See when and how you consumed electricity Download daily, weekly, monthly or average data Reduce your home energy use & bills Top Features

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 17 Industry News First-ever FET Green Skills Summit focusing on Ireland's transition to a green economy The summit was held in Wexford County Hall by SOLAS, ETBI and Waterford Wexford ETB (Education and Training Board). The conference heard that the green economy is an area of opportunities. The key challenge will be upskilling and reskilling for changes to existing roles, while new green jobs will be a smaller subset. There will be an increased demand for professionals in areas of renewable Energy, Electric mechanics and Heat Pump Installation, Domestic Solar PV installation, and Retro t Engineers. Speaking at the event, Minister Harris said: “Today is an important step in our response to the ‒Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris TDopened the first ever FET Green Skills Summit on the 23rd March. challenge of climate change and the targets we have set for ourselves at a national level. We have to make sure that we have the right training on offer. There is no shortage of availability so attracting people to participate is the challenge we face." “That’s why the offering developed in the WWETB is so important. It’s fast and flexible. We’re not asking people to take months or even years out of their careers to develop the skills in question. Instead pragmatic solutions have been developed which means people can be upskilled in a matter of days for the most part and even online in some cases. And as if that wasn’t enough, the courses are free”. Andrew Brownlee, CEO of SOLAS, remarked: “We have planned this Summit to take a proactive look at the skills needs of industry and to explore how best further education and training can meet these needs. The Climate Action Plan published in 2021 has set ambitious targets for the decarbonisation of our economy and the transition to this new economy will require significant levels of skills across the country in a huge variety of sectors to come to fruition". An interesting panel discussion took place on how best the FET sector can meet the skills needs of the future and support the transition to a green future for Ireland. One in four construction jobs added in 2021went to women This represents 9.1% of the total construction workforce in the country. It is also the highest proportionate level since the CSO started tracking construction employment in 1994. The gures also showed that total construction employment grew by 23,200 over the course of 2021, rising from 135,200 in Q4 2020 to 158,400 in Q4 2021. During that same period the level of female employment in the sector grew from 8,500 to 14,400 – an increase of 5,900. This jump represents 25.4% of the total increase in the Irish construction workforce gained during 2021. ‒According to the latest figures available from the Central Statistics Office, on a seasonally adjusted basis the number of women employed in Irish construction reached 14,400 in Q4 2021. With the construction sector continuing to expand and requiring an additional 1,000 workers per month, the Construction Industry Federation believes that the industry will need to make further inroads into improving the ratio of female employees in the industry. The analysis was presented during the CIF’s International Women’s Day Event held in Clontarf Castle. Among those to participate in conference were women at various stages of their careers, representing a variety of aspects of the industry. Speaking at the event, CIF Director General Tom Parlon said, “Our industry needs more women – from the building site to the boardroom. It is positive to see that there was a signi cant increase in the number of women working in Irish construction last year, but our sector will need to build on that momentum. That means addressing any barriers that are preventing women from viewing construction as a viable career pathway in 2022. “Clearly that also involves breaking any biases that remain in the Irish construction sector. Growth goes beyond numbers, it also has to include expanding our outlook and appeal. I hope to see further progress made on all of these counts this year and over the coming years,” he concluded.

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20 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • EcoVolt takes home "Innovator of the Year" Award at the 2022 SFA Awards The annual Small Firms Association awards took place on the 13th April in the RDS, Dublin. Ecovolt were nomination by PTSB to submit their award winning and patent pending product EcoVolt- CeP 24V Carbon Electric Paint Heating System into the “Innovator of the Year” category. Their entry into the competition was received well by the committee of the SFA Awards and in November 2021 they were announced as finalists for the Gala Awards to take place in April. The competition for this category was extremely competitive as 6 companies were shortlisted from over 2000 entries and on the night of the awards the judges announced that they had to introduce a “highly commended” award (L-R) Graham Byrne, Chair, SFA, Geraldine Larkin, CEO, NSAI, sponsor of the Innovator of the Year Award, Stephen Dempsey, Ecovolt, and Sven Spollen-Behrens, Director, SFA. to this category as the entries from all nalists were very impressive. However, Ecovolt was called out as the overall winner of the category and name “Innovator of the Year” 2022. About Ecovolt CeP – Ecovolt CeP is a 24V carbon paint heating system. From design concept in 2015 to full commercialisation in 2017 the product has been sold in several countries in Europe. Designed by the companies founder Stephen Dempsey, it is unrivalled as a novel heating system for high performance buildings like a passive house or nearly zero carbon building. The company transforms a re rated industry standard plasterboard and applies a special electrode across a set geometry area of 1500mm by 800mm and screen print their carbon conductive coating across the area. The coated plasterboard is then placed on a drying rack to dry and cure. Once this process has been nished the product is now ready for installation onto a 400mm stud partition in a vertical or horizontal position. Ecovolt also designs and produces the 24V transformers that are required to power the CeP panel. When the product reaches site, it is installed like a plasterboard, the 24V connections are made and once all tests are performed it is ready for plastering and a paint nish of any colour. The CeP panel is now invisible on the wall and when the room thermostat calls for heat the wall quickly heats up to approx. 50 degrees and begins to Industry News

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 21 Industry News I.S. 3218 has under gone a revision and the resulting draft is now available for public comment I.S. 3218 is the Irish National Standard for fire detection and alarm systems. It gives guidelines on system design, Installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of buildings in Ireland. It has under gone a revision by a committee of industry experts on behalf of the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland. ‒IS 3218 the Irish National Standard for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. This revision is now available for public consultation from 25th April until the 25th July 2022. To view or to comment on these please see the link below to the appropriate NSAI web page (Registration will be required). A well stocked Trade Counter Area radiate heat and only consumes 350 watts of power per panel. What the awards means to Ecovolt: “This award is special as we were competing with some amazing companies doing some fantastic work in their field on a domestic and global stage. The award means a lot and after all the hard work and investment we put into this product. We believe fully in this product as a complete solution to space heating for high performance buildings and it is unrivalled on the market as there is simply nothing like it.” says Stephen Dempsey. t

22 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Register your Electricians for the Level 7 BEng Industrial Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) and grow your own Engineers Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (Coordinating provider) For further information contact: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Moylish Park, Limerick Tel: 061 293318/ 061 293183 E: electricalapprentic rl°\ ENGINEERS '¼' IRELAND ACCREDITED PROGRAMME

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 23 Industry News Move from Electrician to Engineer with an Apprenticeship The Level 7 Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Degree has been specifically designed as a progression programme for qualified electricians or technicians with equivalent qualifications who wish to upskill and to acquire advanced knowledge to move into engineering roles in Industry. Applications to register an apprentice can only be submitted by a Registered Employer. Career Profile of an Industrial Engineer The Industrial Electrical Engineer is required to design, plan, assess risk, troubleshoot, program and commission a wide range of industrial electrical systems safely and in line with all relevant Irish and EU standards. The Industrial Electrical Engineer is required to compile system documentation, present proposals & analysis within the company, work with colleagues to achieve project success on-time and within the resources available, demonstrate systems operation, carry out statistical analysis & investigation, maintain, repair and regularly assess the needs for the upgrading of industrial electrical systems. Benefits to your company The course is a 2 year employerled apprenticeship with 70% of the learners time spent on the job. The blend of full time and work based modules means that your apprentice can remain working in their current role for the duration of ‒This two-year programme was developed in collaboration with the Electrical, Engineering, Automation and Manufacturing Sectors who identified a need for qualified Industrial Electrical Engineers to address the skills gaps. the 24-month apprenticeship contract. The apprentice will spend 2 blocks of 15 weeks in TUS over the 2 year timeframe. Your apprentice will be assigned an academic supervisor from TUS and at all stages of the 24 month programme will have the support of the academic staff and services of the University. The work based projects which are undertaken during the apprenticeship are intended to deliver signi cant value to your company. Employer Registration As part of the national apprenticeship system, there are formal requirements for approval of an employer’s suitability to train apprentices and for registration of apprentices. SOLAS is responsible for delivering on these requirements. Applications for entry to the apprenticeship can only be submitted by an employer who is registered for the Industrial Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship on the SOLAS Apprenticeship Client Services System. Employers can contact TUS directly to initiate the registration process or can contact the apprenticeship training advisor from their local Education & Training Board (ETB) or SOLAS Training Centre. A Mentor The Employer must also provide a Mentor who will advise the Apprentice Engineer on their professional and educational development. The Mentor should have a minimum relevant quali cation, such as a Level 7 Engineering or Technology Degree. Alternatively, experienced practitioners with at least ve years’ experience of industrial electrical systems would also be considered suitable. Guidance and support for the mentor will be provided by TUS. The Apprentice will also be mentored by an Academic Supervisor from TUS for the onthe-job stages. For further information: TUS, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Moylish Park, Limerick. Tel: 061 293318/061 293183 E:

24 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • CGCB-A10119-00-7800 Hard rock needs power. And a grid that doesn’t skip a beat. That’s Technology with Purpose... Experiencing a moment of greatness without electricity? That’s unthinkable. Yet natural energy sources – like wind and sun – don’t adjust to our demands. That’s why Siemens software connects many small power producers to balance the load across the grid, even when energy from renewable sources rises and falls. This helps prevent outages, while increasing small power producers’ profitability. It also makes real what matters by paving the way for uninterrupted awesomeness at rock concerts. And that’s technology with purpose.

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 25 New Workplace Pension Scheme for Ireland ‒Approximately 750,000 workers to be enrolled into a new workplace pension scheme. ‒For every €3 saved by a worker, a further €4 will be credited to their pension savings account. Final Design principles have been announced for an Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System for Ireland. Ireland is the only OECD country that doesn’t yet operate an Auto Enrolment or similar system as a means of promoting pension savings. The new system is designed to simplify the pensions decision for workers and make it easier for employers to offer a workplace pension. Under Auto Enrolment employees will have access to a workplace pension savings scheme which is co-funded by their employer and the State. A key feature of the system is that although participation is voluntary, so that people don’t have to participate, it operates on an ‘opt-out’ rather than an ‘opt-in’ basis. In order to encourage workers to participate, those people who choose to remain in the system will have their pension savings matched on a one-forone basis by the employer. The State will also provide a top-up of €1 for every €3 saved by the worker. This means that for every €3 saved by the employee, a further €4 will be invested by the employer and the State combined. This major reform in the Irish pensions landscape is intended not just to get people saving earlier but to support them in that saving process by simplifying the pension choices and importantly by providing for signi cant employer and State contributions as well. Details of the design of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System have been published at With The Full Range Of Aquip IP66 Weatherproof Wiring Accessories GET FULLY AQUIPPED call: 01 2811122 fax: 01 2811224 email: visit: 13A Sockets with Semi-Transparent Lid options Furnished/Unfurnished Enclosures 1 or 2 gang modular switches - 10A & 20A options Litehouse Aquip Ad.indd 1 12/04/2022 11:50 Industry News

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ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 27 Precision Cables Prysmian FP products repeatedly specified for key projects For some time now, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has specified FP Plus on all developments at Dublin Airport, using extensive quantities in the Terminal 2 Building and on an ongoing basis as development and upgrading continues at Terminal 1 and other buildings in the Airport Campus. Other projects completed to date and some which are still ongoing, all specify FP Performance cables. These include: Fibonacci Square (Facebook Headquarters in Dublin), Coopers Cross Residential and Commercial, Amazon and Linkedin in The Capital to name but a few. So why is the FP range in so much demand? According to Cathal Grace, Sales Director at Precision Cables; “Safety is the number one reason we hear from contractors. There is a big emphasis on using good quality cables, so when specifying cables for life safety, most try to specify Prysmian as the quality is ‒Fire resistant cables form part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire. Prysmian continues to lead the way with the FP range of products. second to none. Our customers need to ensure they have 100% faith in the quality of the cable and confidence in the manufacturer. Our cables have been analysed in real construction projects. The findings revealed a superior level of safety, increased energy efficiency and savings on installation time of up to 32%. Fire resistant cables form part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire. Prysmian continues to lead the way with the FP range of products. meaning a considerable saving on total project cost. This more than recoups any costs saved by purchasing low-quality cables.” FP200 Gold is the rst choice for ‘standard’ re resistant cable because of its Insudite insulation. Insudite is Prysmian’s specialist tough composite insulation, resistant to impact, nicking and abrasion; common events that can readily result in failure of silicone only insulation. FP200 Gold is BASEC and LCPB approved, and has excellent data and signal transmission characteristics, which make it ideal for addressable systems. Equally, FP Plus is the rst choice for “Enhanced” re resistant cable. FP Plus is also manufactured with Insudite insulation thus giving it a quality lead over all other competitors using the old siliconebased construction. Prysmian’s FP range is the original, easy to install and fully compliant fire-resistant cable range, approved by engineers, installers and regulators. In the unfortunate event of fire, Prysmian’s fire resistant cable retains vital circuit integrity which reduces the risks involved in evacuation. Tel: +353 42 9331436 Prysmian Fire Performance Cable is the product of choice for Engineers, Installers and Regulators. Capital Dock in Dublin.

28 ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • Intelligent Simplicity Intelligence in every alarm Simplicity for every install Full Circle Protection Full Circle Protection The 3000 Series provides whole property coverage from one series. This technologically advanced series detects both Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO), ensuring your whole property is protected. Specify a whole property from one series Quick and reliable interconnection Easi-fit bases; one base fits all Backwards compatibility Contact us: Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. T: +353 61 471 277 E: W: The Market Leader in Fire & Gas Detection Quality | Service | Innovation Intelligent Simplicity Intelligence in every alarm Simplicity for every install Full Circle Protection The new 3000 Series provides whole property coverage from one series. This techn logically advanced series detects both Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO), ensuring your whole property is protected. Full Circle Protection Specify a whole property from one series Quick and reliable interconnection Easi-fit bases; one base fits all Backwards compatibility Contact us: Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. T: +353 61 471 277 E: W: The Market Leader in Fire & Gas Detection Quality | Service | Innovation

ELECTRIC.IE • The Magazine & Website for the Irish Electrical Industry • 29 Industry News First grid-scale solar project to connect to the national grid under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) Millvale solar farm, developed by Neoen, is now delivering electricity into the national grid. It is located close to Ashford in Co. Wicklow and has a generation capacity of 8MW. The farm occupies 25 hectares and has 33,600 solar modules – enough to power approximately 3,600 homes every year and avoiding 4,800 tonnes in CO2 emissions. This is the rst of many solar projects to reach commercial operation under RESS 1 – the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme – and the rst of almost 600MW of solar generation capacity secured in the auction. If we also include wind projects, ‒29th April 2022 : The Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, today formally opened the first grid-scale solar project to connect to the national grid under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS). this is actually the third project to reach commercial operation under RESS 1. Neoen has also secured support, under RESS 1, for two other solar farms – Hilltown and Hortland. Commenting on the opening of Millvale solar farm Minister Ryan said: “The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme is one of the primary policies set out in the Programme for Government and the Climate Action Plan to address Ireland’s climate challenges over the coming years. It supports the growth of the green economy, creates sustainable work opportunities and benefits citizens, as renewable energy becomes more cost effective and replaces fossil fuels such as coal and peat.” “Historically Ireland has had a singular reliance on onshore wind for our renewable electricity. With RESS 1 we sought to create technology diversity and to promote the emerging solar industry in Ireland. I am delighted to see Millvale energise; this is Ireland’s first grid-scale solar project under RESS.” “This is the first of many solar projects expected to energise under the RESS this year. It’s a key starting point on our journey, under the Climate Action Plan, to install up to 2.5GW of solar energy on the electricity system by 2030.” **** Representing IRISH ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS' interests at: Electrical Industries Federation of Ireland NSAI Technical Committees Solas Apprenticeships **** Employment Law and Technical Advice Special rates with ARACHAS insurance BIG RED BOOK / CLOUD accounting software Discount rates on our many courses - Safe Pass, Manual Handling, MEWP, Electrical Estimating and more Distributors of New Wiring Rules IS10101 and IS 3217 & IS 3218 Standards **** If you are an ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, AECI MEMBERSHIP will add value to your business We Welcome New Members Contact us today - Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland), Woodview Centre, Main Street,Celbridge, Co. Kildare. W23 C8W2 Phone: +353 (01) 610 2715 Association of Electrical Contractors of Ireland. A driving force in the Irish Electrical Engineering and Contracting Industry since 1960. Over 200 contractor members employing over 3,000 electricians and apprentices. Supplying comprehensive Technical and Business support and facilities.